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Crime Down Under

Crime fiction, all the up-to-date news about new book releases, book launches, events, awards and a few of my own personal thoughts.

Duncans TV

Five blogs reviewing TV ads, music videos, print advertising, interactive sites, and Shakespeare, with a bias towards Down Under.


A how-to guide for online shopping based on my own experiences. Tips, tricks, advice, scams to avoid, you name it.

Syrup & Tang

The musings, ravings and opinings of Melbourne (food)writer Duncan Markham. Food for thought, not just digestion.

Metroblogging Melbourne

Written from the perspective of people who live, work, and play here every day, Melbourne is one of over forty five (and growing) blogs in the globe-spanning Metroblogging network.

The Road Less Travelled

a Blog which explores niche topics others ignore

Decomposing Trees

Politics and music as seen and heard from the southwest suburbs of Sydney

Pop-Culture blog based in Melbourne, Australia

Fortune Grey

music, sydney, australia,

Grab Your Fork

Helen's gastronomic journey around Sydney and abroad. Food, cooking, travel, and a feast of photos along the way.
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