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Gillard Government Blogs

This is a uniquely Australian Blog and when I came across this story about the Gillard Government Blogging, I thought it was an ideal opportunity to highlight a few things.

First, this is a classic case of government over-spending. I run 7 independent blogs with another 3 in foreign languages – with no staff, at essentially no cost.

Second, when small business people see the government spending $53,000 on blogging, they think they can’t afford to do it.

Third, If the government is blogging, that tells you that you, as a small business should be.

Of course you don’t want to be spending that kind of money – which is why you’ll want to consider our Business Blogging Webinar. It will help you get going with your new blog or improve your existing blog leveraging proven, legitimate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies to generate more online traffic that converts to paying clients.

Blog Of The Month

I am going to highlight a blog of the month every month – if you’d like to nominate your blog, post a comment here. I’d love to know why your blog should be singled out above and beyond others – of course ONLY Australian Blogs can be spotlighted here – afterall this is the #1 Australian Blogging Site!

Submit your blog by posting a comment below!

Exponential Blogging Revealed

I get a lot of questions about how to optimise a blog, make money with a blog, keep blogging with current information, how to configure and setup a blog and the list goes on… I spent an hour with Blogging Expert Will Swayne of Marketing Results and we recorded the Interview we call “Exponential Blogging 101“. You can have it for free (until the promotion lasts) by clicking on the URL below.

Exponential Blogging 101

Click on the hyperlink-> To find out all about Exponential Blogging 101.

A Blogging Pet Peeve

When you DECIDE to launch your blog, decide to WRITE your first blog post so the default message doesn’t come up I mean c’mon… What’s the point of LAUNCHING if you don’t have at least ONE blog post?!?!

Default WordPress Message = Not Very Professional

Default WordPress Message = Not Very Professional

I realise this is a pet peeve of mine, but then this next one pushes me over the edge… SET UP YOUR BLOG PROPERLY from the start!!!

Default WordPress Settings

Default WordPress Settings

If you don’t know the BASICS of blogging, then go ahead and make the investment in programs like Blogging To The Bank or my Internet Mastery Bundles and Memberships. You can’t afford to be blogging and not know the basic fundamentals, plus I am not the only one with this pet peeve.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Wordle Analysis – Add It To YOUR Blog!

If you’ve never seen this before, boy are you lucky you’ve subscribed to this blog! Wordle is one of the coolest things on the Internet – it’s self explanatory so I’ll just show you want the Wordle of this blog looks like..

Australian Blogs Wordle

Australian Blogs Wordle

And then this WORDLE – which compares

President Obama’s Inauguration Speech to Bush’s

Blogging may be hazardous to your sex life!

This recent survey in Men’s Health Magazine is a wake up call if you’re spending you much time blogging and not enough time…. well… y’know…. 😳

BEWARE too much blogging may affect your sex life!

BEWARE too much blogging may affect your sex life!

Want More Blog Traffic? Host A Carnival!

This is something a few well known bloggers have been using and I thought it might be something of interest to you – especially to get your new blog going and growing. I haven’t used this strategy yet, but I didn’t want to hold back on letting you know about it.

It might be just what you need to get the initial ‘snowball of traffic’ to your blog. When you do give it a go, let us know how it went and I’ll blog about it here to give you additional exposure to keep the traffic snowball rolling down the mountain into an avalanche of traffic!

Click here to create your blog carnival!

Having Difficulty Writing All Those Blog Posts?

Today’s post is for you if you’ve ever had writer’s block. You know that awful feeling when you KNOW you need to write something, but nothing’s coming… Guess what? The ‘Internet’ has come to your rescue AGAIN! Someone’s figured out how to MOTIVATE you to write those blog posts…

It’s called Write Or Die and if you don’t reach your target, all your text is DELETED!

How’s that for an INCENTIVE?!?! Click on the hyperlink or here >> to get rid of your writer’s block! <<

A Blog Portfolio?

Hmmm… Interesting concept – having MULTIPLE blogs, each with a different target audience to create a portfolio… What if there was a way to actually make money with it on auto-pilot? Guess what? There is. It’s called Virtual Real Estate and there is an event coming up in Sydney and Melbourne that will explain it all.

Even though the title of the program is called Flipping Websites For Profit, the Wealth Without Worries Investor Briefing will explain that this concept works even better with blogs!

Registrations have already started and the seats are filling up fast – as you’ll see on the events page – this is NOT a salesfest event. It’s an Investor Briefing with LIMITED ADMISSION into the program. Go check it out now. Who knows, you might just be the next Virtual Real Estate Mogul!

12 Reasons To Become A Professional Blogger

Today’s post is kind of tongue-in-cheek, someone sent this to me a while back and I don’t have the original source, but it’ll make you kinda think about your career choices – especially if you’re out of work. Why searching for a job when you can CREATE on-going income doing something you love to do?

12 Things About Professional Bloggers And Why You Want To Become One…

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Blog With Passion

I know you might flick this blog post as self-evident, but take just a minute to think about this – what are you most passionate and excited about? I know the Internet Marketing gurus out there say ‘pick the best niche’ and sell to it, but if you’re not into stream trout fishing in Northern Canada – how good are you going to be blogging in that niche?

Sure serving ice cream to a crowd on the beach on a hot summer’s day is a GREAT business model, but if you don’t want to be stuck in an ice cream truck in 30 plus degree (100+ Farenheit) weather for 8 consecutive hours then you should really think about it.

Blogging is no different. You can choose to blog about ANYTHING you want – Imagine that?!?!

People WILL find you and seek you out -> IF you create value for them.

I recently got a few e-mails from a client who’s a golf fanatic – he’s constantly watching golf videos on YouTube, tracks Tiger Wood’s every move… If he created a blog on golf – he’d be LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT. He’d gather a following of like-minded addicts who love the game…

But he hasn’t yet tapped into his passion – pity because I don’t particularly like golf and the video links he sends me are AWESOME. If he posted them on a blog – he’d get FREE traffic doing what he loves, but more importantly…

Doing what he would be doing ANYWAY…

I’ll say that again – he will be doing this ANYWAY – why not blog about it and SHARE it with others?!?!

That’s my point – blog with passion and see what happens!

When you do launch your new and exciting blog, make sure you list it here to get INSTANT FREE BLOG TRAFFIC.

What Are You Blogging About?

If you are the FIRST one to respond to this question, by posting a comment, I will create a post JUST FOR YOU – ALL ABOUT YOU… How cool is that? But you have to be FIRST IN, BEST DRESSED…. Ready, Set, Go!

What are YOU blogging about?

Add Case Studies To Your Blog Posts Part 2

In last month’s post, I explained that adding case studies to your blog posts increases value for your readers. It creates another way of communicating with your readers beyond the constraints of the blog. The thing is a case study doesn’t have to be long or complicated – it just has to be of interest to your readers – like this one I prepared for you –

Internet Mastery Case Study: From 0 to 300 subscribers in 90 days

Now, before I give it to you, you have to admit that’s a great title and you WANT to read it. That’s the whole point. Make sure your case study title is intriguing enough. In this instance, it’s a two-page explanation how Yvonne McIntosh went from 0 to 300 subscriber with one of her sites in 90 days…

Click here to get the Internet Mastery Case Study: From 0 to 300 subscribers in 90 days.

10 Tips To Become a Better Blogger

Even if you’re an accomplished blogger, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded to do the right things. In the field of Expert Performance and Elite Athleticism, it’s called “Deliberate Practice” you might want to Google that. But getting back to blogging and 10 Tips To Become A Better Blogger…

As a blogger, you probably know that you have to post regular and relevant content that matches the niche you are writing for. You know you can’t just throw anything into your blog and expect to be credible and successful. But what else is there that makes the ‘Top’ bloggers so good?

10 Tips To Become A Better Blogger

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10 Blog Traffic Tips

Sam Kritsotakis of Eskae Jeweller sent me this article that I think is worth reading. It’s a short list of simple and easy things to think about as you publish your posts that will increase your blog traffic. Enjoy!

Click here for a list of —> Top 10 Blog Traffic Tips

Good News: Internet Marketing Holding Steady

Good news for bloggers: A recent report by eMarketer.com reveals that despite the downturn in the economy, E-Mail performance is holding steady. Click on the link below for the full article.

The tactic’s low cost keeps it popular with marketers

This is important because if you have a blog with subscribers, you want to make sure people are still opening and clicking through…

Great Blog Content = 38% more ad revenue

There’s great news out that your great blog content can yield as much as 38% more ad revenue if you have advertising on your blog. Read more about this report below.

A research report released in early January 2009 by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) showed that ads placed on content sites get better results than those on portals or sold through ad networks.

For example, the aided brand awareness metric was up by 38% on OPA member sites—that is, content sites—versus the following:

* Down 9% on portals
* Down 19% on ad networks
* Down 7% against control data

There are reasons why this makes sense. In the offline world, such as on TV, greater brand effectiveness is affected by how people react to the programming. In fact, the more the audience is engaged because they value the TV content, the more responsive they are to the ads viewed. This revelation has been echoed in other branding research published recently.

However, on the Web, the mindset of visitors varies far more than when they watch TV.

For example, cruising through a portal (Yahoo, MSN, etc.) to check weather, e-mail and headlines tends to create what you might call a “fast-food” mentality, with little time [or intent] to stop and notice what’s being consumed.

Or when people use search engines, while they might be clicking even more rapidly than when on a portal, they often have a focused task in mind —based on their search—which lends itself to effective [targeted] paid search advertising.

In contrast, when people linger a while on a content site—to read an article or view a video—they tend to pay more attention to the webpage environment, even if only marginally more.

BECAUSE, audience reaction to advertising tends to be affected by the company it keeps, the more visitors value the online content they consume, the more positive their reactions to surrounding advertising will be. At least that’s the tendency if ad clutter is kept at a minimum or structured in a visually appealing way.

What this means is that if you are a blogger, you will be rewarded when creating high-value sites that leverage Google Adsense properly positioned. As you might know from this blog content, there is a compounding effect that occurs when your content is KEYWORD RICH, pulling BETTER ads that are then are perceived as more appropriate and consequently are clicked more often.

So there you go – create MORE VALUABLE CONTENT and you shall be rewarded both with more visitors as well as more click-throughs on your ads.

Add Case Studies to Your Blog Posts

Blogging is not just about publishing a post, it’s about creating value for your reader. Case studies are a GREAT WAY to create value, by consolidating ONE KEY IDEA and making it dead easy for the reader to IMPLEMENT it in their business, website or blog.

Take this example – I published a post called “Keywords are key to blogging success” and then created a case study about it, which you can download for future reference.

Don’t you agree a PDF that you can easily and quickly access is more ‘valuable’ to you?

You’re welcome!

So there you have it – convert, transform and enhance your posts into case studies and see what happens to your readership and subscriptions!

There are a few more cases I’ve lined up for you – they’ll be ready in the next week or so.

Make sure you register either via RSS or e-mail so you don’t miss them!

Stats and stuff get people to come back to your blog

I published a post about this a while ago with a focus on how to get more people to read your blog. Today’s idea is different, in fact it’s even a little weird…

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Why you MUST START or KEEP Blogging…

Just in case you needed a few more reasons to START or KEEP blogging…

There are a lot of stats out there, but these speak to why blogging has become mainstream:

  • There are now over 1.4 million BRAND NEW blog posts EVERY SINGLE day!
  • 22 of the 100 most popular websites in the world are now blogs that get on-going traffic.
  • Blog readers average 23 hours online each week in front of their screens – say it with me… Ka-Ching!
  • Blogs are easy to launch half the bloggers polled recently said it took less than 2 months from initial concept to launch of their blog.
  • A whopping 9 out of 10 (88%) saw a boost in search engine ranking within 3 months of launch – this is normal for the search engines to get past their ‘grace’ period and knock off the SEO ‘cheaters’
  • 2 out of 3 bloggers (62%) saw an increase in sales within 3 months of the launch of their blog, which means blogging pays!
  • It doesn’t matter much what you blog about, blog readership is growing among ALL demographics.
  • It gets better – blog readership is now at 1 out of every 4 Internet users who say they read blogs DAILY which means you have an on-going RELATIONSHIP with this audience.

So there you have it – MORE reasons to START or KEEP BLOGGING!