The oceans need our help to cut out plastics

I found theàis amazing video as a link in a Top3 email , Top3 is a retailer of gorgeous design products with a socially conscious perspective.

It is shocking to think:



Melboune In Lockdown

Sadly, Melbourne is under COVID-19 lockdown for the second time.

This excellent article explaining how viruses spread revealed the DOTS framework to reduce contagion:

The key metric to measure contagion is R0, the reproduction number. It represents the additional cases created by each infected person.

According to the book’s author, a mathematician, there are four things that influence the value of that number, and understanding those four processes can reveal a lot about how different kinds of outbreaks work.

He calls the framework: DOTS

  • First of all, the duration of infection. How long is someone spreading contagion for?
  • But it’s also the opportunities for spread during that period. How many interactions do they have, how many others might they have exposed?
  • Then it’s also the transmission probability during each of those interactions. To give an example with COVID, you might have a conversation with someone, but depending on whether you’re wearing a mask or not, that might change the transmission probability.
  • And then the final component is susceptibility—that we might have a situation where people are interacting, that they’re not having any protective measures during this interaction. But if people are vaccinated, then that’s not a problem. It turns out that if we multiply these components together we get the value of the reproduction number.

We can all do our share to address each of those four DOTS to reduce transmission and get COVID back under control.




Agency offer $50,000 of free advertising to help Australian businesses cope with Covid-19

Sydney-based agency, Ultimate Edge Communications is offering a $100K Business Revival Kit including $50,000 of free advertising to help businesses kick start their sales during the Covid-19 crisis.

What a great idea!




Sydney Squash Academy takes on Handstand Challenge

Sydney Squash’s Academy – the East Coast Squash Academy has thrown down the gauntlet with the squash version of the handstand challenge.

You can watch American gymnastics icon and legend Simone Biles do the handstand challenge – her unique way…!





Coronavirus inspires world graffiti

Don,t get me wrong, I am definitely not pro graffiti. Graffiti costs millions in removal costs.

Sadly,  some of the perpetrators of the vandalism pay with their lives. Even though graffiti can kill, it can also have positive benefits – IF applied in approved locations.

There are inspirational masterpieces that although graffiti, transcend into works of art like this Coronavirus graffiti. <– Click here.

If you need to remove unwanted graffiti, call the Graffiti Eaters!






Squash in a car park?

Desperate times call for desperate measures – even squash in a car park!



Everyone’s doing their vital bit to #FlattenTheCurve… Local media company Ultimate Edge Communications has altered its logo in respect of      s o c i a l   d i s t a n c i n g       rules as per iconic brands VW and Audi have done.


How To Make Hand Sanitiser

Lena Yammine of Inner Outer Health just posted this helpful video on how to make your own hand sanitiser.


Is Hiring a Pro Matchmaker Worth Your Time and Money?

There are services worth every penny, while others? Not so much. When it comes to matchmaking services, people have varying opinions about whether hiring someone to “professionally” match your profile with someone else’s is a good idea. You may not find this as a traditional way to meet your significant other, but some claim that they have already found their partners through such services.

Many have varying reasons they are not fond of hiring a dating service. For one, they don’t like the idea of paying just to find a date. That’s what free dating apps are for. Others don’t like the idea of not having control over who they will date. As for others, they hate to think that they will look so desperate and cannot find a date on their own. But there are tons of reasons hiring a professional matchmaker in NYC is worth it.

You can’t afford to lose more time

So you’re a successful professional who can’t be bothered to waste more time going on senseless dates. So why bother if you can have the pros find you the best possible match based on your personality and criteria? You can focus on improving yourself while you wait for them to match you up with a prospect. You get to optimize your time by only going on dates that line up with your expectations.

You get a personalized kind of service

Matchmakers know for a fact that each of their clients comes with different needs. They may have many current customers, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t offer individualized service to each of their clients. Your matchmaker will make sure to take their precious time getting to know you and what your ideal partner is like. This is why many customers can find the best dates and even end up meeting the love of their life, thanks to the expert and personalized services matchmakers have to offer.

You want to get out of the online dating game

The problem with online dating is that it can be deceiving enough to lure you into meeting someone who is completely the exact opposite of whom they portray themselves to be. This is the very reason people are getting tired of online dating. Photos can be deceiving and scam artists are everywhere online. It can be a bit time-consuming, and it is so easy to reject and judge someone just because of their profiles. When you’re sick and tired of online dating but still want to take the chance at finding your next partner, then you can try your luck with a professional matchmaking service.

You can enjoy safety and privacy

With matchmaking, you don’t need to worry about your information being leaked or shared with people who have no business with you. All the people your matchmaker will set you up with will undergo vigorous screening, so you don’t need to worry about your safety. Consequently, matchmaking companies screen their matchmakers as they won’t gamble their reputation by hiring people they can’t trust.

These are the best reasons professional matchmaking services make sense. Money is not wasted as you get that personalized service to help you reach your goal. Your safety and best interest are their priorities. So if you are a successful professional who is not willing to settle for anything less, you can consider a matchmaking service an excellent investment.


It’s The Most Wonderful Time For A Beer

Celebrating Christmas Cheer in true blue Aussie fashion…


Smells Like Ship!


Ultimate Edge Communications Signs Up For 1st Corporate Squash Membership

UEC Signs Up To Be the East Coast Squash Academy’s  First Corporate Member

Sydney, December 17th, 2019 – Ultimate Edge Communications is happy to announce it has signed up to be the East Coast Squash Academy’s first corporate member.

The Academy has been proactively promoting squash across both the athletic and corporate  communities with a focus on grass roots efforts to introduce as many new people to the sport while also rekindling the passion within former players.

Today’s announcement has been possible with the strategic vision of the East Coast Squash Academy’s, founder Aaron Frankcomb. Aaron was a professional squash player on the world tour and reached a top world ranking of #38. “We’re proud to welcome Ultimate Edge Communications as the first of many corporate members we seek to attract to the sport with this unique partnership” declares Frankcomb. “This is the result of the success of past corporate events that cater to the athletic interests as well team building and professional development of employees. We thought we should take it one step further and provide a corporate membership” adds Frankcomb.

The corporate membership covers all the costs and provides the equipment for staff members who can attend an unlimited number of small group classes at no cost, across the Academy’s multiple locations conveniently located within the Greater Sydney area.

More than just a staff membership, the partnership includes staging squash events that serve as team-building opportunities. The inaugural squash tournament staged just a few months ago began with an explanation of the rules of squash followed by a high-speed exhibition match to demonstrate how elite players make it look easy. With the basics of the game covered, team members then got on court and were fed balls to practice the basic strokes: The drive, volley and boast. Once minimum proficiency was established, a round-robin competition was staged for all team members to play each other to crown the first corporate champion – Evan Bohringer who now has bragging rights in the office for the next 12 months!

“Off the back of the success of the tournament, we wanted to explore other opportunities to provide more value for our employees” explains Aleisha McCall, Ultimate Edge Communications founder and CEO. “Squash is a very efficient way to burn calories and with the courts conveniently located in the city, our employees were keen to give it a go. This was also the ideal time with our renewed approach to employee wellbeing and empowerment to attract and retain the best staff” states McCall.

The East Coast Squash Academy stages a variety of corporate events for small teams, from a fun social afternoon to specific skill-based team building right up to the deliberate practice principles that uses squash as the metaphor for striving for excellence and success for the most committed teams.

If you’re looking for a fresh, new (different) reward, team-building or professional development program for your team, contact the Academy for all the details. The Academy can cater for companies of all sizes with across multiple locations throughout the Greater Sydney area.

– End –

Ultimate Edge Communications Pty Ltd

Ultimate Edge Communications (UEC) was founded in Sydney in 2014, by Aleisha McCall, finalist of B&Ts “30 under 30 Entrepreneur” and a former international synchronised ice skating champion.

UEC is able to over-deliver on expectations by being the conductor to an orchestra of moving parts that create a symphony of results that resonate with highly targeted audiences across both B2B and B2C sectors.

The composition begins with expert media buying that requires establishing a key strategic proportion between traditional offline and digital media spending. Once the budget allocation is defined, it then proceeds to tactical deployment of funds across the selected channels to ensure target market optimisation to set the stage for everything that follows.

The second act is to create design elements specifically tailored to each of the channels to ensure optimal conversions while providing coherent maximum brand reinforcement. The collaboration and synchronisation of media and creative design is one of the reasons UEC out-performs its peers as well as internal marketing departments.

The third act builds on this momentum to integrate lead generation and client acquisition activities to feed into a cohesive customer journey that provides a higher conversion on their path to purchase. This is enabled with sophisticated automated workflows that create and enhance the customer experience, reducing attrition at or immediately following a purchase as well as substantially improving customer satisfaction during the consumption of the product or service. This inevitably reduces operational costs. Even though UEC is focused on media, sales and marketing, the systemisation of multiple customer journeys translates into organisational improvements that further create benefits with economies of scale. These improvements often provide the much-needed capacity to grow quickly without substantial additional and costly human resources.

The last act builds to a crescendo by embracing leading-edge technologies including: artificial intelligence, machine learning, heuristics, predictive modelling and data analytics to fully embrace the concept of deliberate practice principles that have created Olympic medallists and World Champions. This complex process involves creating a self-reinforcing feedback loop that automatically and systematically applies highly sophisticated mathematics and statistical techniques to optimise all the moving components, so we can manage, monitor and adjust each variable in harmony with the others to maximise profits at the minimum cost while sustaining the highest quality and brand integrity.

Level 1, Suite 117/80 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000


East Coast Squash Academy

TheEast Coast Squash Academywas founded in 2013 when Aaron Frankcomb retired from the Professional Squash Tour, the East Coast Squash Academy set out to create a business model to expand the presence of squash within the Greater Sydney area squash centres.

Since inception, the Academy has produced some stellar results including: Attracting a handful of junior players with aspirations of going on the professional (PSA) tour.

Its junior program had the biggest contingent of players on the NSW Squash Junior ranking list, with players on the NSW junior state teams, Australian junior teams and Australian senior players. The Academy has developed several NSW and Australian Junior Champions. At its peak, the junior squash program boasted (pun intended!) over 500 children participating in weekly squads and training sessions. Memberships and participation in squads increased by 100% and 300% respectively and tournament registrations reached at an all-time high.

The Academy has been the home base to two full time senior players who reached career highs of top 240 in the world on the Men’s PSA Tour. Its best female professional reached a top world ranking of 130.

The Academy created great success building over 80 hours of services per week to grow the court utilisation and increase profits for clubs around the Greater Sydney Area. Since 2016, Energize Health and Fitness, Norths Fitness, Sydney CBD Squash Club and Manly joined the Academy followed by the Sydney Uni Sports & Fitness in 2018.

Contact details: Tel: 0424 474 001
Facebook: East Coast Squash Academy


Aaron Frankcomb:

Aaron Frankcomb was ranked in the top 100 professional squash players for 8 years, and for 4 of those years he was in the top 50, winning 4 PSA titles. He represented Australia at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, was a Junior Champion in all age groups including 2 times in the Under 19 category and holder of scholarships in the Tasmanian and Australian Institutes Of Sport. He now coaches professionally and remains Sydney’s top ranked squash player and is still considered within the top 5 players in Australia.

Contact details: Tel: 0424 474 001
Facebook: Aaron Frankcomb


Australians: Beware Of Scams

Phishing scams are increasing – Australians need to be careful with their data.


3 Real Estate Strategies to Quickly Sell a Property

Many realtors make the mistake of following the same tried and tested patterns each day, such as hosting an open house, adding properties to listings and putting a sign at the front of the property. Once they have done so, they will sit back and wait for an offer or two to roll in.

However, if you want to sell a property as soon as possible, you will need to develop a more proactive attitude. To ensure your success, read the following three real estate strategies to sell a property quickly.

1.   Target the Right Audience on Social Media

Many social media users are more than happy to share their milestones across various platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For example, a user might announce:

  • A move to a big city
  • An engagement
  • Upcoming marriage
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth of their child

As a result, they are more likely to need a new property to accommodate this new phase of their life. For this reason, you should start advertising real estate on Facebook, targeting the many life events announced across your geographical area.

For instance, you could launch a paid advertisement for affordable apartments, targeting young professionals who have recently moved into the city.

2. Create a Floor Plan

An accurate floor plan can help a buyer to make an informed decision before viewing a property. Not only will it indicate how many rooms are featured across the home, but it will also allow them to gain a greater understanding of how they could move from room to room.

It can, therefore, be just as important as a high-quality photograph or a room description, yet many real estate agents fail to invest in the selling tool, which could help them to generate greater interest.

If you want to set your real estate business apart from your industry rivals and quickly sell properties throughout the year, visit Metropix ( to create a professional floor plan in a matter of minutes.

3.   Promote a Property Using Emotive, Persuasive Copy

If a property appears unattractive, worn or outdated, it is likely people will not queue up the block to make a seller an offer.

Selling a rundown property can be difficult, as photographs and a competitive price might not be enough to secure a buyer. For this reason, you must aim to promote the property using emotive, persuasive copy, which could spike a buyer’s interest, as they might want to unlock the building’s hidden potential.

For example, you could write “The large family home offers three spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a rustic, light living room and a charming porch. While the property itself is less than a five-minute drive from the city’s finest restaurants, family-friendly attractions, and chic stores.”

If you want to ensure every property on your database quickly sells, hire an experienced copywriter to create attention-grabbing content, which will make buyers want to arrange a viewing and potentially make an offer.



Four Tips for Companies Aspiring to Expand their Reach

The ultimate objective of any ambitious company is to expand their reach indefinitely until they conquer the global market. These aspirations should guide and influence how you choose to scale and reinvest in your business. As your company grows beyond its regional or domestic market, you’re offered the opportunity to capitalise on growing sales and greater exposure by opening up your company to a more international audience. It’s this that the below article explores, helping you plan for a more expansive and ambitious future in the international marketplace.

A Matter of Timing

Choosing when, how and where you scale your business should be a decision taken with due diligence. If you happen to scale a little bit too early, you might find yourself overstretched to the point that you enter debt. On the other hand, if you scale too late, you’ll have missed an opportunity to gain more business and experience in the international marketplace. Make a balanced decision based on your financial capacity, and the capacity of your team to handle a heavier workload. Never take big risks when scaling – it’s always best to be a little conservative in your decision-making in this respect.

Market Internationally

When you do make the jump in scale, it’s time to make a concurrent jump in your marketing efforts. You want to land in the international market and hit the ground running, with exposure and visibility levels high from the start. Therefore, you should shift your marketing strategy to be more international. This can mean everything from advertising in different languages to outsourcing to marketing companies based on your new target markets. If you choose the outsourcing route – which usually guarantees an ROI – ensure you’ve budgeted for it in your planned expansion phase.

Change Commerce Platforms

If you’re feeling direct from your website, then you’re going to need a sales platform that can accommodate an international audience as you scale to conquer new and exciting markets. Find a company to help you expand to offer international ecommerce through software and solutions that’ll help sales fly through your site, whether conducted in Sydney or San Francisco. With a well-made and frictionless server, you’ll find that more customers click-through to the point of sale, allowing you to capitalise on your burgeoning new audience.

Offices Abroad

The final step in your successful expansion is to establish further offices in centres of commerce around the world. For instance, if you’re generating many sales in the East Asian region, then it’s advisable for you to have a small team working on customer service and objective deliveries in a well-linked Asian city like Hong Kong, Singapore or Shanghai. With offices abroad, you’ll be far better-placed to serve your regional customers and you’ll have a foot in the door when it comes to local marketing and partnership fostering. When the time comes, send a team to establish new offices abroad – the final stage in your world-conquering charge to market dominance.

These four tips should help those companies looking to expand internationally with their sales – whether that be through smart international marketing, or the use of a better-equipped sales platform to offer your products to an international audience.


Aussie pearls are a royal favourite!

Meghan Markle counts Paspaley Pearls as a favourite, according to Australian Vogue.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!!


Ultimate Edge Communications Wins 2018′s Best Christmas Ad for RedBalloon campaign

Ultimate Edge Communications has achieved the perfect result to deliver this year’s best Australian Christmas campaign.

Cubery, a tech-driven research and insights agency, has tested the effectiveness of 13 leading Christmas campaigns and discovered this festive season, one ad stands head and shoulders above the others. They made a list, checked it twice and named UEC’s campaign for RedBalloon “Break with Tradition” as the most effective Christmas ad of the 2018 festive season.

Click here to have a look.



Ultimate Edge Communications – 12 Days Of Christmas RedBalloon Campaign

Want to win a RedBalloon gift certificate? Check out the campaign on KISS 1065′s Kyle and Jackie O show. Click on the link to listen in!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


This is just one of many of Ultimate Edge Communication‘s exciting client Christmas campaigns!


Exceeding customer expectations to provide a better service

Meeting customer expectations is a difficult element of customer service, and one that will require work to get right. Part of the reason why this can be such a complex area is down to the fact that it is a multi-step process, and one that has to be factored in at every stage of the customer journey. The challenge of not just meeting, but exceeding, customer expectation is one where the majority of business believe that they are competent, only to find that their customers don’t agree. When 80% of companies are under the impression that they provide quality service, but only 8% of consumers agree that they get the best level of that same service, then you know that there are discrepancies between assumption and reality. If you want to commit to exceeding customer expectation, then consider these three essential starting points.

Building that customer connection

It used to be that in order to establish a long-lasting relationship with customers, all you had to do was be based near them geographically. Nowadays, the friendliest and most efficient customer service is going to be ineffective if you are not connected to your audience. There are many effective ways to strengthen your connection with your customers, but your priority should be on building relationships. You can do this very effectively by using content marketing strategies. The concept of content marketing has become the most important element of any modern marketing strategy, and if you can ensure that your content is going to be high value and demographically targeted, then your business is going to be better able to establish those all-important connections and build a loyal base of repeat customers.

Provide choices that they want

This isn’t about expanding your clothing line or increasing the number of products that you sell. It’s about letting customers interact with you and buy from you in the ways that they prefer. This could mean that you simply have to have that Facebook page, as your market research has indicated that your target demographic are most likely to be on that platform. Choice is most important when it comes to the buying process, and one of the major causes of shopping cart abandonment is down to a lack of payment options. Consumers want to be able to pay quickly, easily, and in the manner of their choosing, and if you can’t provide those methods then they will simply look elsewhere. Make sure that you are set up for cash, credit card, and maybe even cryptocurrency payments, no matter which shopping avenue your customer happens to be using. You can even connect your brick and mortar outlet to your website by clicking here and investing in a linked point of sale app that will update your stock inventory and streamline your ordering process.

Building the best team

It’s an established fact that your employees are your most valuable resource. Always commit to giving them the right training, and ensure that everyone in your business is fully aware of not only the products that you sell but the mission statement, branding, and values of the company as well. One additional area to consider is the removal of customer service scripts. Allowing your customer-facing employees to interact naturally will have surprising effects on your potential to exceed customer expectation, and your workforce will be happier as well.

In a highly competitive business landscape, the challenge is on to provide the products and services that consumers want, while ensuring that you go above and beyond their expectations. Aim for the WOW factor, and your business will show positive gains as a result.



Father’s Day Campaign – In True Blue Aussie Style

Every once in a while “you know you’re Australian” when you see an ad that with our unique sense of humour. Ultimate Edge Communications hit the nail on the head for Red Balloon’s recent Father’s Day Campaign.