Aussie blood supplies at a shocking low of only 2 days of inventory! Donate this week!

The Daily Mail reports that 17,500 people are urgently needed to donate blood within the next week or stocks could fall to just two days worth by midweek, according to Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.The fall in stocks of A, O and B stocks has been caused by cancellations and no shows amid the cold, flu […]

Covid-19 Coping Strategies

We’re all destined to cross paths with Covid-19. Several Australian Blogs subscribers submitted what has worked for them to cope with the symptoms as best they can. These recommendations are only for your educational purposes and not health-related advice. Please refer to your trusted health care professional for your healthcare and wellbeing needs. Exercise: I […]

New .au domains released!

It’s about time Australia gets its country-level domain (.au)! Find out how to get yours by clicking here.

Get vaccinated or be terminated

This wisdom from the Terminator himself! Get Vaxxed Baby!

Get Vaxxed Baby

C’mon Australia, get vaccinated!

Scott Morrison Says Stop It!

This video is just too funny not to share. It’s in the same theme as the hilarious classic Bob Newhart Stop It! video. Thank you Inner Outer Health in Melbourne for sharing!

Australian innovation just launched!

Click here to have a look at this brand new Australian innovation. Unbelievable, mind-blowing. Why didn’t someone think of this before? A squash racket for right-handed players – BRILLIANT! Can you imagine what this will do to the sport of squash? And then Tennis, badminton, table tennis and all other racket sports…! WOW!

$100 NSW Vouchers being rolled out

Here is the link for the previously announced $100 food and entertainment vouchers for NSW residents.

The Brisbane Flood, ten years on…

Paddington Pups owner Bree Robbins shares her vivid memories and lessons learned 10 years on from the flood that could have destroyed her business, but didn’t.

Favourite Aussie Dog Words Revealed!

The next time you’re in your local and want to bring up some interesting dog trivia, this list can get you started – it’s the list of Dogs’ favourite words. Woof!

Aussie Mum comes up with a great bathroom grout cleaning hack!

This brilliant hack totally works to clean up mold in your bathroom/shower grout. You just need to make sure you aerate the area because the bleach smell can be overwhelming in such a tight space.

It’s time to say goodbye to 2020

It’s time to say goodbye to 2020. Google summarised the year quite succinctly in this 3-minute video. If you want to make 2021 better than 2020, you need to create a list of New Year’s Resolutions.

Lockdown Laughs

Let’s face it, COVID’s been a bummer and we all need to get a few laughs at its expense. Here’s a start, please submit your best jokes as a comment below and let’s see where it leads! As the new year approaches, I’ve added ‘Have more fun’ to my New Year’s Resolutions for 2021! __________________________________________________ […]

What’s the difference between a pandemic, epidemic, endemic and outbreak?

With COVID-19, a lot of people have been wondering what the difference is between a pandemic, an epidemic, an endemic and an outbreak. The detailed written explanations can be found by clicking here.

Aleisha McCall is in 3rd Place for the People’s Choice Award – Vote for her now

The competition’s hot this year, with just a week left in voting for the 2020 B&T Women in Media People’s Choice Award, Aleisha McCall is sitting in third position! With nearly 6,000 votes tallied, the competition for the top spot is as incredible as the talented and trailblazing women vying for it. If you can […]

Calorie Crush Classes To Reduce Your COVID Curves

The East Coast Squash Academy has just launched its Calorie Crush Classes in Sydney. Click here to BUY NOW.

Aleisha McCall Makes The B&T’s Women in Media Awards Shortlist!!!

Following yesterday’s post, Ultimate Edge Communications Founder and CEO, Aleisha McCall, has been named on the shortlist for this year’s B&T’s Women in Media Awards. Earlier this week, she was also named as a nominee for the coveted People’s Choice Award, for which voting is open here and now. After being announced on the ‘long […]

Aleisha McCall nominated for B&T Women in Media Awards People’s Choice 2020

Ultimate Edge Communications Founder and CEO, Aleisha McCall, has been nominated for the B&T Women in Media Awards People’s Choice 2020. This prestigious award recognises exceptional women in the media communications industry for their invaluable contributions  through their leadership, innovation and courage. This latest honour follows on from Aleisha being nominated for the 2020 B&T Women […]

National Family Business Day In Australia

Who knew there was such a thing as National Family Business Day here in Australia? Family Businesses are the foundation of Australian Business. Let’s celebrate the successful family businesses that make it throught the gauntlet because a lot of them fail! If you run a family business and need to tap into useful resources, you […]