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Coronavirus inspires world graffiti

Don,t get me wrong, I am definitely not pro graffiti. Graffiti costs millions in removal costs. Sadly,  some of the perpetrators of the vandalism pay with their lives. Even though graffiti can kill, it can also have positive benefits – IF applied in approved locations. There are inspirational masterpieces that although graffiti, transcend into works […]

Graffiti Can Kill

Just last week, I posted some statistics on the costs of graffiti in Australia. Mark Mackenzie of Graffiti Eaters just sent me an article that a teenager, Ryan Smith, lost his life as he fell from a bridge as he was engaged in ‘Extreme Graffiti‘. We’ve all been young and daring, but I am sure […]

Costs Of Graffiti In Australia

In the early 1990’s Western Australian State Governments attempted to address graffiti proliferation using various methods and management models.  Despite this public concern continues to grow and so does the burden of state-wide graffiti removal costs.  A tougher approach, which focuses considerable effort on offender management and behaviour, has now been adopted. A State Graffiti […]