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You’ve Heard Of Web 2.0, What About Blog 2.0?

I am amazed at how many people still think blogging is textual and not visual… I recently had a client publish a post that could have been visually intriguing, but because the images were in an incompatible format with WordPress, she decided not to include the images. What a mistake! A blog without visuals is like black and white television. Sure it’s nostalgic, but it’s also obsolete!

Take a few minutes to scan your blog and ask yourself how you can transform it and make it more visually appealing – with images and videos.

Especially one like this –

But you don’t have to get into  a major production exercise – you can include images like this one…

Antimimeticisomorphism - A Job On Top Of The World

Antimimeticisomorphism - A Job On Top Of The World

You want to make sure you optimise ALL your blog posts using SEO strategies LIKE Captions on all photos…

Blog Branding

If you’re blogging as part of a corporate strategy, you need to make sure you are consistent with your branding, otherwise you will lose credibility, preeminence and yes sales. As an Exponential Growth Strategist, I help people get extra-ordinary results by doing out-of-the-ordinary things leveraging exponential marketing strategies on the Internet as well as in business.

Blog Branding: How Important is it?

That depends. It depends on why you are blogging in the first place. If it’s just a fun thing you’re doing, then it doesn’t much matter, but if it’s to make money or reinforce a service or product you’re selling then it is VERY IMPORTANT.

Without spending heaps, you can get really cool stuff done by professional web designers like KillerCovers.com.

I guess the only point I want to make today is that if you want to be taken seriously, you just have to LOOK the part.

The reason I say this is because without proper branding, you’re going to lose people ONCE they get to your blog – within seconds, people get a feel for it and either stay or click away.

You only have seconds to make that FIRST impression.

Make sure it’s a good one!

Having Difficulty Writing All Those Blog Posts?

Today’s post is for you if you’ve ever had writer’s block. You know that awful feeling when you KNOW you need to write something, but nothing’s coming… Guess what? The ‘Internet’ has come to your rescue AGAIN! Someone’s figured out how to MOTIVATE you to write those blog posts…

It’s called Write Or Die and if you don’t reach your target, all your text is DELETED!

How’s that for an INCENTIVE?!?! Click on the hyperlink or here >> to get rid of your writer’s block! <<

Exponential Blogging 101

You may or may not know that we’ve posted a FREE AUDIO PROGRAM on blogging… I just thought I would remind you that it’s still there, it’s still FREE, but who knows when we’ll decide to start selling it. Why not take a minute to get instant access and give it a listen over the weekend!

Click on the URL to access the Exponential Blogging 101 Audio Program.

Within one hour, you’ll discover:

  • The one thing that makes a blog different from a conventional website and why you MUST be blogging if you aren’t already.
  • The top 3 reasons why search engines love blogs and what it means to your bank account
  • How to get started blogging, or taking your blogging to the ‘next level’ where thousands of people subscribe or you start to generate cash from your readership.
  • Special blogging tips for search engine optimisation that will increase FREE organic traffic by as much as 100% in less than 30 days.
  • How to manage content and publishing – the pros and cons of different strategies including the pitfalls to avoid at any cost.
  • How to gain link popularity ethically and exponentially.
  • How to get noticed in the ocean of blogs that are out there – if you don’t do this, you’re putting in a LOT of effort for little or no result/reward – that’s no fun.

10 Tips To Become a Better Blogger

Even if you’re an accomplished blogger, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded to do the right things. In the field of Expert Performance and Elite Athleticism, it’s called “Deliberate Practice” you might want to Google that. But getting back to blogging and 10 Tips To Become A Better Blogger…

As a blogger, you probably know that you have to post regular and relevant content that matches the niche you are writing for. You know you can’t just throw anything into your blog and expect to be credible and successful. But what else is there that makes the ‘Top’ bloggers so good?

10 Tips To Become A Better Blogger

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A Traffic Pirate May Try To Steal 20 To 50% Of Your Traffic

This is going to be a quickie, but critically important tactic to avoid a traffic pirate from stealing 20 to 50% of your blog traffic. It takes less than 5 minutes and costs less than $10 to bullet-proof yourself.

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