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Aussie Gay Guy My Journey Taunts Fun Stuff & Hot Men


An Australian blogging and community website for all ages.

Matthew Patterson

Vernicious Knids

A blog from Tokyo, Japan with random musings and snapshots about life, love, travel and everything in between...

Tainted Memories - The greatest of the internet

My collection of the latest and the greatest internet videos, audios and photos. A true blue australian blog

crazy meezer

Kids and cats and.....stuff a photoblog of my Siamese cats, family, sites and design.

Weblog and gallery of a nomadic girly recently turned desert hermit, studying philosophy and history and still learning about outback culture.

The Whole Universe

A photobog of my travels with daily photo updates. Mainly Tasmania and South East Tasmania


my dream job would be to go around the world eating at any restaurant I wish and not paying for it... that and walking around in costumes at disneyland... hi, my name is susan. im from sydney and i am a chocoholic.

Cherry Blossom Adventures

An often random and crazy showcase of an Aussie girl's adventures in Japan through writings, photos and pictures and anything else technical she can manage.
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