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Tony Goodson

Tony Goodson's weblog. A Pommie in Melbourne, doing lots of whinging.

Reviewing Coffee in Melbourne

A Melbournian view of coffee everywhere I travel


Hamish's web page. Photography and neuroscience.

Michael Efford's Journal

Esoteric thoughts and photos from a travelling, soul seeking designer.

library sputnik

A renamed blog by Genevieve Tucker, turning slowly into a reblog of chunks of media, webtech, library and researcher's news. (Let's face it, the old name was 'orrible.) Library Sputnik contains a list of Australian writing links which can also be found at You Cried for Night (see right, under writing.)

you cried for night

A librarian's blog about literature with an annotated blogroll of US, UK, Australian and other literature websites

Val has her say

And now I'm ignoring the Commonwealth Games - a total waste of taxpayer money!

From Sherbrooke Forest

From the deep dark crooks of Sherbrooke Forest, ideas, rumours and music are filtering through the corridors of urban life.

What's New at Eastern Regional Libraries

Discover events, new books, cds, dvds and publishing news at this suburban Melbourne public library blog.


Personal blog of an Australian medical student living in Melbourne.
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