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Another thing or two

I chat about gardening, cooking, music, books, film, knitting, pets, and anything that's a bit quirky.

There she goes

Librarian, mum, student, commuter, chocoholic

The Scrumble Project

Building “Binary”, a Bob Oram 44′C cruising catamaran, in the Top End of Australia

Kaleidoscopic Kate

My blog is a creative outlet for me and a chance to express those thoughts, feelings etc that you sometimes just don't say outloud. I turn my dreams into short stories and include a diary like entry from time to time on what's going on in my life.

Suddenly Fourty

An accomplished social commentary blogger returning to relative obscurity to blog about other things from a more personal perspective.

The Bok and Roo Blog

An expat South African, living in Melbourne. A husband, a father, a mountain biker, an amateur photographer, writer and geocacher. Living life to the fullest.


I have considered starting a blog for some time now and FINALLY, the journey begins. This blog will include everything from vintage, fashion, shopping, dogs, food, friends, travel, my Melbourne and my life in general. I love to shop on a budget and truly believe that you don't need much to look great. I'm no fashion expert nor am I trying to be. This is purely for some light entertainment for me and you!

Olerhead - Ollerhead's blog

All Australians with the surname Olerhead are descendants of Robert Ollerhead - Olerhead and Caroline Bickley here is our family history.

Tropical Mum

I live in paradise with my husband and two small boys. I work part-time as a virtual assistant and study part-time for a technology degree. Our family enjoys the ultimate lifestyle but on a budget. We struggle to pay the bills, but can enjoy a day at the beach watching the kids play in the waves; we count our lucky stars everyday. Follow me as I share budgetting tips, favourite recipes, and a glimpse into what it's like to live in far north Queensland
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