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Real Life Stories

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Coming from the perspective of a wife and working Mum of three; Real Life Stories is about promoting and celebrating our everyday and ordinary lives as already significant, as opposed to the the messages that our image laden culture wants to send us - that who we are and what we own are never enough. Real Life Stories peels away the airbrushing and editing to reveal that our lives can be messy, challenging, and enriching and they don't have to look like that they come out of a glossy magazine.This blog uses my real life stories as an example, where I contemplate "Lessons from Life", "Lessons from Children", "Hurdles and Round-abouts", and "Everyday Gifts" as categories. The first two categories are obvious, Hurdles and Roundabouts, are about my personal challenges, but I suspect that mine are common to many people also; Everyday gifts, is along the lines of a gratitude journal, celebrating the special in everyday moments, not just the big 'ta-das!' of life, encouraging me, and hopefully you, not just to live in the moment, but to enjoy the moment in-spite of our nagging 'To-do' Lists.I would love you to come and visit, and help start some discussion, about the things that really matter in our short lives.