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Kathrine Holland is a career mum turned stay at home mum based in Sydney, Australia. After working for 10 years in radio, newspapers and magazines, she has hung up her corporate boxing gloves to spend some much needed quality time with her two sons Noah 4 and Connor 5 months. You can find her daily blog on motherhood, celebrity mums and entertainment news at

Mick's Grill

An absolutely mediocre weblog about life, pop culture, Christianity, Snuggies, and other absurd things you shouldn't say out loud but are thankful someone else did.

A Melonhead's Ambition

As far as what this is about - your guess is as good as mine. I guess it's about me, and what I think is interesting. Whether that's drawn from the news, my own life, my friends, or my work.

A Dixon Life

I live in Perth, Western Australia. It's a gorgeous city. Beautiful beaches, great pubs & restaurants, very cool parks and drivers that just DO NOT know how to merge! I live with my husband, 3 children, a dog, 10 fish and a heap of ants that have decided my kitchen looks like a great place to set up a new home. We run our own small business - my husband is a painter & I sell books on Ebay. My memory is terrible so I thought I could use this as a way for us to remember the things our kids have done, and what is happening in our family. My on-line diary.

a dose of dannie

family life with ups and downs with children and other issues.

The Mike Sessions

The personal blog of Mike Elliott. As if seeing Twilight with your preteen daughter wasn't enough

Mummy Balancing Act

Mummy Balancing Act We are two Mums balancing motherhood and career. We both have two children - pigeon pairs with the girls being the older of the two and all kids are under five. To make things more challenging, we have decided in the next year, to study, look for a new house and renovate another.

Lisa and Mini Ginger

Lisa and Mini Ginger began during my pregnancy, it is an open, honest and very personal journey to Motherhood and beyond. Lisa is now Mother to baby Byron aka Mini Ginger, she lives with post natal depression and is passionate about sharing her experience as widely as possible so that others can benefit. The blog includes ideas for loved ones on how to support someone living with post natal depression and Lisa's personal inspiring ideas and strategies for living a full life through the experience of post natal depression.

My Gardens

A Personal blog about me and my garden, filled with gardening tips and useful information about gardens and gardening.
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