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Cyber Safety Checklist

I just published an original blog article “Ward off hackers with this cyber safety checklist” on the Internet’s #1 domain registrar,, a great resource for checking and buying domain names (URLs) for your company’s online presence. Click on the hyperlink to check it out – it’s a great resource to make sure you’re doing […]

Top 10 Posts For 2015

Yes, it’s that time of year when everyone comes out with their top 10 lists of the year, because why not take a few minutes to review the year that has been? We use this time to do New Year’s Resolutions, so why not look back for some inspiration and insights? Click here > for […]

Gillard Government Blogs

This is a uniquely Australian Blog and when I came across this story about the Gillard Government Blogging, I thought it was an ideal opportunity to highlight a few things. First, this is a classic case of government over-spending. I run 7 independent blogs with another 3 in foreign languages – with no staff, at […]

Overheard On The Oprah Show…

Oprah, when she taped her recent Great Australian Adventure Series last year, asked a Melbourne BBQ guest the difference between Australians and Americans: “Americans live to work whereas Australians work to live.” I have to admit, that sums it up very succinctly. Ya gotta love this country!!!

Is Your Blog Bland?

Is your blog bland and boring like the one shown here on the left? Then there’s no wonder no one’s coming back! To get more people to read and subscribe to your blog, you need to make it visually enticing to match the intriguing content that adds value to the reader. Many writers forget that […]

How to write a blog post everyone wants to read

This is a classic how to write a blog post everyone wants to read.

You’ve Heard Of Web 2.0, What About Blog 2.0?

I am amazed at how many people still think blogging is textual and not visual… I recently had a client publish a post that could have been visually intriguing, but because the images were in an incompatible format with WordPress, she decided not to include the images. What a mistake! A blog without visuals is […]

Your Blog – Make It Part Of Your Events Checklists

Today’s post might be obvious to you, but trust me, it’s not to a lot of people. Make your blog and publishing schedule part of your PR and activities checklist. Prepare the posts in advance and schedule them so that they get published automatically ON TIME and IN ADVANCE of the PR event or activity. […]

Exponential Blogging Revealed

I get a lot of questions about how to optimise a blog, make money with a blog, keep blogging with current information, how to configure and setup a blog and the list goes on… I spent an hour with Blogging Expert Will Swayne of Marketing Results and we recorded the Interview we call “Exponential Blogging […]

A Blogging Pet Peeve

When you DECIDE to launch your blog, decide to WRITE your first blog post so the default message doesn’t come up I mean c’mon… What’s the point of LAUNCHING if you don’t have at least ONE blog post?!?! I realise this is a pet peeve of mine, but then this next one pushes me over […]