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You’ve Heard Of Web 2.0, What About Blog 2.0?

I am amazed at how many people still think blogging is textual and not visual… I recently had a client publish a post that could have been visually intriguing, but because the images were in an incompatible format with WordPress, she decided not to include the images. What a mistake! A blog without visuals is like black and white television. Sure it’s nostalgic, but it’s also obsolete!

Take a few minutes to scan your blog and ask yourself how you can transform it and make it more visually appealing – with images and videos.

Especially one like this –

But you don’t have to get into¬† a major production exercise – you can include images like this one…

Antimimeticisomorphism - A Job On Top Of The World
Antimimeticisomorphism - A Job On Top Of The World

You want to make sure you optimise ALL your blog posts using SEO strategies LIKE Captions on all photos…

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