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How to write a blog post everyone wants to read

I don’t know about you, but I hate having my time wasted. Whenever I write a blog post, including this one, my primary goal is to make sure that whatever time you spend reading the post is worth the time you put in. This one will take you less than 60 seconds.

How to write a blog post that is interesting, intriguing and captivating

With that in mind, I also want to make sure you’re ENGAGED in the process, not just passively reading or skimming.

You’re not skimming this are you?

Aw c’mon… I invested 10 minutes to make sure this is an invaluable tip that made you go Hmmm…

Are you back reading this now?


I appreciate that.

After all this conversation is just between me and you. No one else is invited – doesn’t that make you feel special?

It should. That’s the whole point.

When I sit down in front of my Mac, the blog post goes into its final step in the process – because the genesis of the idea or concept of the post started minutes, hours or weeks before you ever start to read the first word.

Like today’s post, the idea started WEEKS AGO…

I have multiple people from around the world (in the US, Canada, India, Greece, Caribbean, Romania, Russia, UK…) who work with me via

Sometimes they are tasked with researching information, stats and data for me as well as my clients. We sometimes ask them to write ‘blog posts’ . What we get back, well…


It’s not their fault- they don’t know any better.

So WHAM! It hit me – I should write a blog post explaining how to write a blog post!

So that’s why you’re here reading this.

You’re reading this aren’t you?

Of course you are.

I wouldn’t be writing to myself – that’s called a DIARY, not a BLOG.

But instead of TELLING you how to write a blog post, I WROTE a BLOG POST that put you through the process.

The process that was interesting – BECAUSE I brought you INTO the conversation right from the start – telling you it would take less than 60 seconds.

It was interesting because the approach was different. Instead of TELLING you something, I actually did it instead of describing it.

It was captivating because you never quite knew what was happening and it was written in a CONVERSATIONAL STYLE.

So there you have it – “How to write a blog post that is interesting, intriguing and captivating” – all in less than 60 seconds.

That’s the last piece of the puzzle – you want to MIX and MATCH the MESSAGE to the VALUE.

I’ve written 20-page blog posts and others that are ONE paragraph or just posted an Audio or video recording with minimal text…


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