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Is Your Blog Bland?

Is your blog bland and boring like the one shown here on the left? Then there’s no wonder no one’s coming back! To get more people to read and subscribe to your blog, you need to make it visually enticing to match the intriguing content that adds value to the reader. Many writers forget that blogging is a VISUAL experience. With today’s visual media, you need to make sure you add pictures, diagrams, images, MindMaps and of course embed videos from YouTube.

A bland blog like this is created purely for SEO purposes and that won’t be worth much in the long run. Sure the immediate SEO effect will be there, but without HUMANS going to the pages, STAYING on the pages AND coming back, it will die a slow death within the indexes.

Don’t forget that when you launch a blog, you’re doing it for the end game – to have a loyal readership that wants to hear from you.

Make what you have to say exciting, appealing and attractive. Go from Bland To Brand!

Otherwise your blog will languish and all your effort will be for naught.

If you’re going to put in 90% of the effort (writing the content), why not go the extra 10% and get the REWARDS?

Just ask yourself one simple question…

“Would I read and come back to this blog?”


  1. Campbell

    I agree, without visuals then there is not much point in a long boring Blog post. There needs to be excitement and colour. I am a visual person but even people who have limited visual training still respond to colour and images.

  2. Bree Robbins

    This blog post hits home to me, while our blog is full of youtube videos and pictures the summary page didn’t show any of the great features until recently. I simply needed to change a setting so now my Doggy Daycare Blog looks great and means visitors get a much better experience.

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