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Marketing/PR hypothesis No.1: Personalise it

You have a new idea or product or service.

It’s cool but in its early form – a little edgy and raw.

But it’s got potential.

How do you get the word out?

Hypothesis No.1: Personalise it


If you can’t be all things to all people, road test the idea with a few trusted friends. Cut it down to its raw elements and put it to them for comment.

Put a little spin on it to initiate eyeball engagement. Think of it this way: if your product was a book, what would the cover/title/book need to look like so that the potential reader grabs it off the shelf. Whether he/she ends up buying it will depend on the merits of the transaction – does the book give the reader what he/she needs/wants, but the point is you need to gather the audience before you can even start that spiel.

The AustralianBlogs experience
We thought we’d try our new idea on the inmates/housemates at the Silicon Beach House by individually labelling some beers we brought for Freelancer Friday. Small and hopefully unobtrusive but enough for Bronwen, Myles and Dave to ask the question we wanted them to: “So what’s”

Whether or not the new idea meets their needs will depend on how well we do our job in structuring our offering + whether they actually need what we offer….but last things first – let’s make them grab this little idea off the shelf for a closer look.

The Concept

The Yakka

The Execution

Myles Eftos (MadPilot Productions and PerthNorg) and Luke Evans (AustralianBlogs)

Dave Gardner (Intilecta Corporation)

Bronwen Clune (PerthNorg) and Luke Evans

Bronwen Clune and Bronwen‘s beer

Beered in absentia: Richard Giles (Scouta) and Jordan Brock (Five Senses Coffee)


It’s not easy being green (especially without water)


Excerpt from Water Corporation’s (WA) latest marketing push.

“water for ALL, forever”.

What I want to know is… what are the WA frogs doing to conserve our water?


hide those weapons


Found this sign on the entrance to the main arena at Challenge Stadium, taking a ‘state the obvious’ marketing approach.

I wonder what they class as a weapon (Scissors, toothpick, grenade launcher) and who decides?


    Direct type-ins vs Search vs Links

    Looks like we’re tracking at 80:12:8 (%) with the bulk of our visitors either typing in our URL directly or via bookmark.



    The LinkedIn experience

    I’ve been avoiding the Facebook and MySpace crowd since its inception – I didn’t want to be the thirty-something, dirty old man on the barstool of a teenie/twenty-sonething nightclub. However, about the time of the relaunch of AustralianBlogs (or thereabouts) Simone sent me a LinkedIn invitation. I must have signed up a little while ago as it’s fallen by the wayside like my hotmail account. So I gave i a whirl – accepted Simone’s kind invitation to link up and dusted off the resume. This time around, I pasted a link on this blog (as you can see on the top right-hand corner).

    It’s terribly uncool to the digerati, I’m sure. LinkedIn’s up there with Amazon, eBay and Yahoo as the giants of the first go-around of the internet boom.

    So I thought…PERFECT.


    • good for finding long lost friends
    • acts as an online business card or whitepages listing
    • might help personal ‘trustrank’
    • nice to see the track record


    • a bit narcissistic – and you do feel like a tosser
    • privacy – you can’t control who sees your profile and what they do with it
    • can’t hide the bad bits – think of it as web cellulite

    Overall, I’ve added 30-odd friends (real friends) and a couple of acquaintances from the blog world. Not bad. The greatest tangible benefit has really been hooking up with long-lost friends but I guess it’s been some help with any interested surfers looking to get involved with AustralianBlogs.


    Perth PodCamp

    I’m such a lousy unconference unattendee having missed out on the fabulous Perth Barcamp organised by Myles and mates. But my wife seems to think the newborn is much more important (plus we’re in the middle of moving house), go figure.

    But this upcoming event might just be in the right timezone where I could sneak out for a few hours (just quietly):

    PodCamp is a FREE new media UnConference. It’s for anyone with an interest in media and technology and covers topics such as:

    * social networking
    * emerging technologies
    * podcasting and blogging
    * creative media (music and art)

    * new media development and startups
    * business newmedia marketing

    Below are the vitals for PodCamp Perth:

    WHEN: October 27 & 28
    WHERE: Central TAFE (140 Royal St, East Perth WA 6004)
    REGISTER: at the PodCamp Perth wiki or email (include your full name, website/blog address, and suburb)

    The best part of PodCamp is that “you” help make it happen. Whether you want to give a presentation, volunteer to help bring it together, sponsor the event or simply want to listen and learn, it’s about you getting what you want out of the conference. Everyone is encouraged to get involved in their own way.

    If you have any questions or want to get involved – email:

    Look who else is coming!


    1. Jared Madden, Emersive / Blog, Hunter Valley NSW
    2. Adam Purcell, redPixel / Blog, Newcastle NSW
    3. Nick Cowie, State Library / Blog, Kwinana WA
    4. Constance Wiebrands, Curtin University Library / Blog, North Perth, WA
    5. Tama Leaver, The University of Western Australia / Blog, Subiaco, WA
    6. Graeme Watson, The Film and Television Institute WA / Blog, Fremantle, WA
    7. Lloyd Johnson, Student @ Murdoch Uni / Blog, South Perth, WA
    8. Kim Flintoff, Student @ QUT/Lecturer-Tutor @ ECU / Blog, Joondanna, WA
    9. Kay Smoljak, Clever Starfish / Blog, Madeley WA
    10. Kate Quinn, LMS Systems Administrator, Blog, Dianella, WA
    11. Chris Quinn, Programmer/Analyst, Dianella, WA
    12. Simon Wittber, Blog, WA
    13. Trevor Bennett, Podcasting@ECU, Mount Lawley, WA
    14. Eran Malloch, TalkWeb TV / Blog, Bedford, WA
    15. Bob Cooper Swan Tafe Bateman WA
    16. Gary Barber, radharc / Blog, Ballajura, WA
    17. Jodi Linto, ECU, Lecturer, Scarborough, WA
    18. Lisa Billingham, ECU, Systems Librarian, Joondalup, WA
    19. Bronwen Clune, Norg Media / Norg
    20. Liam Casey, Curtin University Library / Bentley, WA
    21. Julia Gross, ECU Library, Mt Lawley, WA
    22. Mike Nodding, ECU, Project Officer, Centre for Learning and Teaching, Mt Lawley, WA
    23. Cat Hope, WAAPA COmposers Blog, ECU, lecturer in music, WAAPA, Mt Lawley, WA
    24. Eva Dobozy, ECU, Lecturer, K-7 Program, School of Education, Joondalup Campus, Perth,WA
    25. Chantal Morin, TV Producer , WA
    26. Michael Newby, Blog, Bentley, WA
    27. Shane Henderson, ECU, Lecturer, Game Design, Mt Lawley Campus, Perth,WA
    28. Kim Tran, Blog, Marketing and the Media, Bedford, WA
    29. Simone van Hattem, Enjoy Perth / Blog, Perth, WA
    30. Pascal Wijnberg, Enjoy Perth, Perth, WA
    31. Duncan Riley, TechCrunch / Blog, Australind WA
    32. Rene LeMerle, / Blog, Inglewood WA
    33. Mike Minutillo, Fujitsu Australia New Zealand / Blog, Stratton WA
    34. Jackie Pedley, West Coast TAFE, Lecturer, Joondalup WA.
    35. Jenny Lane, ECU, Course Co-ordinator, Lecturer Graduate Diploma in Primary Education, Mount Lawley & Joondalup
    36. Lutie Sheridan ECU Library, Perth WA.
    37. yovita Winarto ecu student Perth WA.
    38. skribe Forti skribe’s Second Life porn emporium, South Perth WA
    39. Kristy Haines Market United, West Perth, WA
    40. Tammy Cooksey Market United, West Perth, WA
    41. Shadi Moqarrabin,, Yokine, WA
    42. Angela Han,, Nedlands, WA
    43. Kathryn Greenhill Murdoch University Library , WA / Blog
    44. Stewart Greenhill Curtin University, WA / Blog
    45. Bruce Paulik, InsideScreen, Claremont, WA
    46. Dihan Wijewickrama, wellnet, The Carriage WA
    47. Nicholas Tan, ECU, International Student Adviser, Joondalup, WA
    48. Kat Black and Jasper Cook, Byte Me! Festival / VJzoo, North Perth WA
    49. Nick Hodge, Nick Hodge, Sydney, NSW
    50. Paul Montgomery, FanFooty (including Coaches Box podcast) & Tinfinger / Blog, Geelong, Victoria
    51. Richard Giles, Scouta / Blog, Perth WA
    52. Cassandra Colvin, ECU, International Student Coordinator, Churchlands
    53. Michael Corry, iiNet, Perth
    54. Sue Waters, Mobile Technology in TAFE / Podcast, Perth WA
    55. Penelope Coutas, EdD Candidate, Murdoch University, Fremantle WA
    56. Chris McCormick, Hello, Perth WA
    57. David Koh, Positive Gold, Karrinyup,Perth WA
    58. Crispin Harris, Blog, Perth WA
    59. Natalija Brunovs, Seedpod / Blog, Mt Lawley WA
    60. Nikki Haseldine, ECU, Library, Perth WA
    61. Kerry Johnson, Education Officer, educationau, Work: edna’s E-learning Insights  Personal: Neotenous Tech, Adelaide, SA
    62. Nicole David, Curtin University of Technology, Web Multimedia Designer, Bentley, WA
    63. Ross Buncle, Perthpunk / Blog, Mount Hawthorn, Perth
    64. Teresha Aird, Infoactive Media / Blog, Iluka, Perth
    65. Michael Smith, Leeming WA
    66. Alessandra Morrone, Darch WA
    67. Matt Aird, Infoactive Media / Blog, Iluka, Perth
    68. Caine John, ECU Student, Perth WA
    69. Marziya Mohammedali,, MInT Student – ECU, Projects Assistant – UWA, Mt Lawley WA

    FREE for all

    Found an interesting post from Seth Godin about free postage from the Galapagos Islands.

    Key thought: Getting people to do something for nothing, that they actually enjoy and at the same time create a demand for the wider community to be involved.

    Recruiting agencies get your pad and pen out, becuase that right there is what I call recruitment!

    The only question left now is; How does one get the ball rolling, start the momentum of hipe and loyalty to fullfilling postion/job/task you have available in your business, non-profit org, blog or other:________. ???

    Ill let Seth answer that one. ;)


    The results are in!


    The Experiment:
    Measure the effectiveness of online polls, and if they add any value to a website.

    The Stats:
    Days poll ran: 9
    Total votes: 14 (12 if you don’t count the 1 vote each Jon and I contributed)
    Total unique traffic during poll: 3740
    Winning answer: I find polls… “highlight how lonely my website is”
    Summary: 79% say no to polls, 21% say yes

    Does only 0.374% of visitors willing to vote justify taking up valuable real estate on your web-page?? Are you prepared to take the risk of “highlight how lonely my website is”?

    In our case it was more of a matter of giving the poll a go, the result just being a few laughs.

    But hey, maybe its just the demographic (Australian Bloggers) that let us down? ain’t that lonely is it?? Would be interested to hear if there are any poll success stories out there…


    Any bloggers in Adelaide?


    Having kicked-off a very successful Sydney weblogger meetup and followed-up with a brilliant Brisbane weblogger meetup, I’d like to ask for volunteers in Adelaide to help kick off a weblogger meetup there.

    Easy peasy (really) – once a quarter pick a fave pub or coffee shop and take a few photos on your mobile phone while you’re there.

    Scanning the BuggerAll localities tags in Adelaide, I see:

    How’s about it?


    August is double-your-traffic month

    July was a ripper month for AustralianBlogs, we:

    • relaunched the new-look site
    • launched our hard-hitting online poll
    • published the latest ‘State of the AustralianBlogs-osphere’; and
    • bumbled our way to over

      Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


    Just when you thought you couldn’t care less about how we spent our work day, AustralianBlogs is proud to announce that August is “Double your Traffic” month. We hereby declare that our target for COB 31st of August 2007 is 20,000 unique visitors (up from 10,000 u-u-uniques last month).

    For our next trick, Jon will get a proper haircut.



    AustralianBlogs cracks 10k unique visitors this month

    Jan - Jul Web Stats 07

    Want to know more? Listen out for the upcoming podcast where we break down the stats.


    Luke Evans does BuggerAll

    Distracted by work obligations and the arrival of my second child, AustralianBlogs and BuggerAll bore the brunt of my neglect in the last few months.

    However, things kept simmering along with the fabulous Sara Goldstein who kept a steady ship at the Sydney Weblogger meetup (now up to 124 members!) and the quite unreal Mick Real even found time to help me kick off the Brisbane Weblogger meetup (21 members!).

    Having had a nice break (and being re-introduced to baby-induced sleep interruptions) I am re-energised and have begged Luke Evans – gun web designer to join the team. I’m excited to have him on board and we’ve mapped out a bunch of really exciting things to bring to AustralianBlogs.

    A trashtalking hobbit trapped in the body of a profanity-impaired web designer, I look forward to being his biggest pain in the arse.


    Announcement: BuggerAll, really

    Kung Hei Fatt Choy.

    I can’t think of a better time to launch AustralianBlogs’ latest offering….BuggerALL(, that is)! The FAQ can be found here.

    I’d like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Pig, and that over the next few weeks of festivities, that you eat, drink, indulge and get to do bugger all.


    42 cool Australian internet startups (…and counting)


    Richard MacManus’ Read/WriteWeb ran a blog post by Vishal Sharma in Oct06 showcasing the Top web apps in Australia. Placed in a situation where he was always going to be pushing the proverbial up the hill with a Fisher-Price Funtastic shovel, Vishal did a great job. Of most interest to me, however, were the comments on the blog post. Some great startups that were still under the radar.

    To indulge my interest in this area (and also to continue on from RWW’s landmark blog post), I have created a wiki and a wiki page. Please feel free to add/delete/amend as you see fit.

    · 3eep (url)

    · 88 Miles (url)

    · Atlassian (url)

    · atmail (url)

    · b5media (url)

    · babbello (url)

    · bluepulse (url)

    · Buttonator (url)

    · buzka (url)

    · Campaign Monitor (url)

    · Developers Portal (url)

    · FactBites (url)

    · Feedity (url)

    · FindIt (url)

    · Fullasagoog (url)

    · FWDitOn (url)

    · Gamespot (url)

    · Gnoos (url)

    · mecanbe (url)

    · Minti (url)

    · NationMaster (url)

    · Omnidrive (url)

    · PerthNorg (url)

    · RaveAboutIt (url)

    · Realmap (url)

    · Remember the Milk (url)

    · Scouta (url)

    · ScribbleHere (url)

    · Smooth Budget (url)

    · Spyk (url)

    · Studentface (url)

    · Suburb View (url)

    · Sukk (url)

    · Tangler (url)

    · The Australian Index (url)

    · The Podcast Network (url)

    · Tin Finger (url)

    · Touchstone (url)

    · Whooiz (url)

    · Wyacracker (url)

    · Zapr (url)

    · Zipphy (url)

    · Zookoda (url)



    AustralianBlogs launches online florist –


    I spent a lot of time over the christmas and new year break thinking about the nine months that had elapsed since launching AustralianBlogs.

    We had extended our local directory to include AustralianPodcasts. Added a newspaper-style aggregator of local blog posts in News2. Launched our WordPress-driven bloghost, Weblogger. Started to experiment with a local wiki, AustralianWiki, and I even dabbled in maintaining a personal blog, RealEstate2. (We also launched the Sydney weblogger meetup, which is looked after by Sara Goldstein, the fantabulous Bargain Queen)
    One achievement that I was particular proud of, was that the generous folk at Port80, thought enough of my work to select News2 as a finalist in the 2006 WA Web Awards. Kay Smoljak, of Clever Starfish (Kay + Dave + Anton), thanks so much for your coffee-buddyship, guidance and technical expertise (i.e. “web standards, we’ve got standards?“).
    Not too shabby, and of course more work/pruning needs to be done in properly launching and building a successful website. (And I wouldn’t class any of mine in the ‘successful’ bucket yet. It’s a nice start, but more blood, sweat and tears required I think.)
    So, on to my announcement.

    My balcony-time over christmas led me to think that you can’t really be working in the web if you haven’t done ecommerce.

    So, the AustralianBlogs group is proud to announce the launch of our first ecommerce store, We are an online florist backed up by an international floral network (with a strong local base) offering beautiful fresh flowers and free delivery Australia-wide. All proceeds go to funding AustralianBlogs.

    Please keep us in mind (esp. over Valentine’s Day!)




    I’ve been doing that Scouta-a-a-a-a-a thing to Richard Giles for the last two weeks of Scouta’s demo. It’s gone terribly well and all concerned have been very impressed.

    Like Molly said, do yourself a favour and get in touch with Richard for a ticket to ride.


    Whois Whooiz?

    Clarke Scott, home-grown internet entrepreneur has been hard at work on, a rapidly growing international website that…oops I shouldn’t get ahead of the interview below:

    1.        Clarke, what is WHOOIZ? is a People, Podcast and Blog discovery service with Social networking widgets.
    2.        Who are you targetting?Bloggers and podcasts mainly but, I am just about to move into the Myspace area and so I can see more and more comedians and a like getting involved.
    3.        Tell us about how you conceived the idea behind Whooiz.The idea has morphed considerably from the original idea of a Wikipedia for people into more of a social networking/widget site.
    4.        I see you’ve had a great take-up by some high profile bloggers, what sort of feedback have you received?The feedback has been awesome! We had our first 500,000+ pageview day last Friday and so I am already thinking about upgrading the server and or
    Adding more of them just to keep up with the growth.
    5.        What’s been the easiest (and conversely, the hardest) thing about launching Whooiz?Easiest thing: Convincing people to signup. Hardest thing: Predicting the rate of growth and therefore the server configuration.
    6.        Can you tell us a bit about yourself, Clarke? How did you find yourself on the path of the internet entrepreneur? I’m a software architect and a keen interest in startups. I love the creative aspect of coming up with an idea, building it And seeing it mature into a popular product/site.
    7.        What are your plans for Whooiz? I would like to be the one place n the internet for people for find other people, blogs and podcasts. Also to have a build widget on every blog and podcast website.
    8.        What do you see as the greatest challenges for Whooiz over the next 12 months? Finding time to implement every idea I’ve had or widget idea I’ve come up with in the past couple of months.

    Hey great stuff, Clarke. For those that don’t know, this is not Clarke’s first web venture. Just check out his Whooiz profile…


    Sydney Weblogger meetup (Thur, Jan 18th)

    Sara (aka the Bargain Queen), is my fabulous assistant organiser (who incidentally is featured in Take5 magazine) for the Sydney weblogger meetup and was kind enough to give me a reminder prod:

    Dear fellow bloggers

    You are receiving this email because your entry in the Australian Blogs database indicated you are Sydney-based blogger who has asked to be kept informed of developments in the blogging community.

    Hope that 2007 is off to a good start for you. Like me, you may have a feeling that this will be the year blogging really takes off in Australia. In November 2006, veteran Australian blogger Tim Dunlop (creator of The Road to Surfdom) was recruited by News Ltd. to write for their new big-budget title ‘Blogocracy’. Who knows – could you be next?

    With this in mind, I thought you might like to come along to a social meeting of Sydney pro-bloggers, hobbyist bloggers (and their fans) on Thursday evening (18th) at Paddy Maguire’s in Haymarket at 7pm. The details of the meetup and the RSVP list are here:  

    You may find this to be a good opportunity to mix in an informal setting, and to meet others who share your blogging endeavours.

    Hope you can make it, and look forward to meeting you there.

    Best wishes

    Sara Goldstein
    The Bargain Queen


    REMINDER: Virtual weblogger meetup (on this Wed)


    Just a quick heads-up that the first Virtual Weblogger meetup is on this Wed@8pm AEDST (6pm for those on the west coast, like myself).

    Just pop into AustralianBlogs chat, get yourself signed-up and either hang around in the lobby OR feel free to create a little private space for those quiet one-on-ones.

    There’s no set agenda, just come and go as you please but please pop me an email to let me know what you think (or just blog about it and I’ll pick it up anyway :) )

    See you then!


    Changes to News2.0 and AustralianPodcasts


    If you’ve had some recent troubles with feeds from either, or, then it’s because we done some work in splitting up the pair of sites from the master site.

    Thanks to Roland for the advice. Apart from the additional internet real estate, he says the search engines will look after me.