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Australian Blogs Blog Seeks Australian Bloggers

Hello World — this is Will Swayne.  After a bit of a hiatus in activity on the Australian Blogs Blog, I’ve been charged with getting this blog going again to take up the quest of reporting on the Australian Blogosphere.

The first item of business is to assemble a crack team of bloggers to contribute to this blog in a “magazine format”, (kinda like Small Business Branding).

If you’re interested in being considered, here’s a “Job Description” of position(s), plus how to apply:

Wanted: Aussie Bloggers is aiming to be the go-to site for what’s happening in the Australian blogosphere.  The site consists of a tag-centric directory, plus a blog.  AB was started by Jon Yau a couple of years back until he sold the site earlier this year to focus on other projects.

We are now looking for 6 to 10 bloggers to share the blogging duties here at the Australian Blogs Blog.

This could be for you if you are:

  • Able to craft readable, interesting blog posts (you probably have your own blog right now)
  • Can commit to writing a minimum of 2 posts per month, with at least 1 being at least tangentially relevant to blogging and/or the Australian blog / Web 2.0 scene.
  • Familiar enough with WordPress to write and publish your own posts without tech support.

We are also looking for an EDITOR to be the head blogger and generally boss everyone around – the main duty of the editor is to keep an eye out for post quality and be main liaison point for the other bloggers in the team.

Here are some of the perks of being a blogger @ Australian Blogs:

  • Basking in the kudos of being a contributing writer at the #1 blog directory in Australia.
  • You get your profile on the “Authors” page
  • Your “resource box” will be included at the end of all your posts
  • Your link will be included in the Blogroll
  • Did I mention kudos?

How To Apply

If you’d like to get involved, please send an email to me (Will) at info-at-australianblogs-dot-com-dot-au before September 19th with a brief summary of why you think you would suit the position, plus some links to blog posts you’ve done.  If you’d like to be considered for the Editor role, please mention that too.




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