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the who’s who @ podcamp day 1

podcamp perth

The who’s who (spoke to on the day):

Special mention (shared a group conversation with):

These are just a few of the bloggers/web2.0’ers/beer’ers and Interweb’ers that I had the pleasure of seeing/meeting at podcamp perth day 1 2007.

Credit goes out to Chris Quinn for the sweet shot of a podcamp sign.


  1. Simone

    Ha, now I know who you are, it’s clicked (though it shouldn’t have had to, I should have just introduced myself!)

    Are we seeing you at any events tomorrow (ehhh later today)?

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  5. Luke

    Goes both ways, I could/should have also introduced myself rather than the half-baked link introduction (found your blog from your flickr profile).
    Na, can’t make it this-arvo…My partner in crime will be there somewhere though.
    Love to see some pics/hear how Podcamp day 2 turned out!

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