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Mouths of Mums

I could tell you I'm some Supermum who has it all - perfectly manicured nails and sex 6 times a week - but I'd be LYING! Instead I'm a crazy chick who takes on too much and can't relax. Give me some comfy gear and a bag of snakes from the fundraising box and I'm all yours. In fact that's the way I started Mouths of Mums.


An Australian blog about libraries, research and scholarship.

Objects in Flux

RMIT research blog presenting hacking, modding and DIY activities.

Anna Liu's Weblog

Software architect from Microsoft blogging about her architecture experience and work at the enterprise level, plus few bits of other thoughts on Web 2.0, innovative software and technology, and bits of social issues of personal importance.

humour archive

Scraps of humour research presented here for your consumption. Comments welcome.
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