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Making Money Online & Financial Freedom

A collage of my favorite articles relating to making and saving money. Includes personal posts on blogging and making a profit with blogs via adsense and affiliates.

Forex Trading

Make money - trade foreign exchange internationally. Learn how to do forex trading professionally and profitably.

Finance Blog

This is essentially a stock market research/recommendation blog with many informative posts about different areas of investment.


Websites and making money, advice and warnings

Trader Andy - CFD Diary

The daily journey of an amateur CFD Share Trader. Starting with a measly AU$6000, I'm setting out to prove whether or not an inexperienced trader can make a hefty profit through the sharemarkets.

Frugal Bastard

I'm known as a tight bastard, careful with my money etc, etc. So I'm using a free blog site and am going to share my thoughts with you all on a more regular basis. Come and visit often!! There will be political comment, satire, sillyness galore and maybe even some insight. Very rarely though. Also known as a capitalist pig bastard.

Media Dragon

A Bohemian infomaniac blogging in Sydney about iron ceilings, irony and much more. Inside the cyberspace, we are all winners as blogs provide a filter against information overload. The real glory is being knocked to your knees by information overload and then coming back.


An Australian perspective on affiliate marketing and web publishing.

The Men's Guide to Dating, Sexuality, Health, Fashion, Entertainment and Money


A blog about blogging that helps bloggers earn money from their passions.
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