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In short, I joined the vlogging and blogging world shortly after my partner Michael and I chose to start trying to conceive. We fell pregnant 3 months later and I shared my symptoms, thoughts and all my excitement and purchases on my Youtube Channel.I went to my 8.5 week scan and saw a gorgeous wriggly baby so I wasn���t too concerned about our 12 week scan. We had our next scan at 14 weeks and heard the dreaded words ���I���m sorry, there is no heartbeat���. I had had a missed miscarriage where my placenta/amniotic fluid had continued to grow and had no signs that we had lost our baby until that point.I recorded a very raw video after finding out about my loss and have been trying to create awareness and help women going through a similar thing ever since via videos, blogs, emails and comments.7 cycles later and we fell pregnant again with our son Cameron. I had a beautiful pregnancy which I shared at my last blog Racheous��� Journey to Cameron.After giving birth to Cam I suffered from severe anxiety attacks and postnatal depression. It���s an ongoing process but I���m doing much better now and do not have anxiety attacks anymore. I also relactated after having to switch to formula feeding for a short period of time due to sedative medication. I shared that as well on a blog called The Relactater. Since then things have been beautiful. Truly beautiful. So I���m sharing that with you, as well as the downright difficult.���I���m a 22 year old Mumma to baby Cameron who was born New Years Eve 2009 and wife of six and a half years to Michael. We live in a lovely home in Australia. I enjoy spending time with my hubby, family and friends, helping my baby boy discover the world, creating Youtube videos, digital scrapbooking, reading, watching movies, going to mothers groups and writing.���