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Fly your freak flag

So have had recent realisation that me and my nearest and dearest may not be normal. Much soul searcing later, decision made will 'fly my freak flag' loud and proud. Well loudish, have not shared intention to share life in my family with internet world. But when I get to place of courage (Read: very drunk) will make full disclosure, until then welcome to my world of maddness....


Writer. Blogger. Poledancer. Mother of four under the age of five. Lover of cheese and valium. Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti. A raw insight into parenting that is not wrapped up in cotton wool. It's funny, quirky, delightful, yet a little bit wrong.

Melbourne 24 7

You would likely find more things of interest inside the cavity of a northern european wood ducks arse.

Lame Jokes Inc.

A joke a day (M-F) for the workers

Legally Certified

These are the ramblings of a law student at Bond University on the Gold Coast. My goal is to ridicule everything and everyone, including myself. Sometimes I post about personal topics, sometimes I don't ... who am I kidding

Shaymus O'flatulence Dot Com

A funny picture blog up-dated daily with a slightly off-beat humour
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