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The Cynical Optimist

Commentary on society, politics, my family, upcoming wedding & irritating behaviour of others. Also includes glimpses of my life, past & present

Little Glowing Lights

A blog about life and art and crafting and all the lovely little things that inspire me.

Joh Blogs

The reading, writing, teaching, listening, watching,random thoughts of a 40 something regional Victorian mother.

Tim Christie PhotoBlog

Photography, Music, Newcastle

Soggiorno Amoroso

Opera Australia blog

Mixedlollies..home to random thoughts

Here is where randomness sits because that's who I am. Funny stuff that makes me laugh that I want to share.

Australian Grindcore

Aus Grind was created in an effort to promote Australian Grindcore: an online community of grind fans, bands and record labels willing to promote and support the growth of the local scene and push Australian Grindcore into the international limelight.


heterodox musings from a whiggish perspective


Ranting. Cynicism. Bitching... but also quite a bit of stuff about living in Perth, drum n bass, my life, my friends, travel, education, and so on and so forth, etc etc.

Defamer Australia - celebrity news and gossip

Defamer Australia is a pop and celebrity culture focused blog that enthusiastically dissects the goings on of the Aussie showbiz scene while also commenting on the global entertainment industry from an Australian perspective.
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