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The oceans need our help to cut out plastics

I found theàis amazing video as a link in a Top3 email , Top3 is a retailer of gorgeous design products with a socially conscious perspective.

It is shocking to think:



Agency offer $50,000 of free advertising to help Australian businesses cope with Covid-19

Sydney-based agency, Ultimate Edge Communications is offering a $100K Business Revival Kit including $50,000 of free advertising to help businesses kick start their sales during the Covid-19 crisis.

What a great idea!




Smells Like Ship!


Ultimate Edge Communications Wins 2018′s Best Christmas Ad for RedBalloon campaign

Ultimate Edge Communications has achieved the perfect result to deliver this year’s best Australian Christmas campaign.

Cubery, a tech-driven research and insights agency, has tested the effectiveness of 13 leading Christmas campaigns and discovered this festive season, one ad stands head and shoulders above the others. They made a list, checked it twice and named UEC’s campaign for RedBalloon “Break with Tradition” as the most effective Christmas ad of the 2018 festive season.

Click here to have a look.



Father’s Day Campaign – In True Blue Aussie Style

Every once in a while “you know you’re Australian” when you see an ad that with our unique sense of humour. Ultimate Edge Communications hit the nail on the head for Red Balloon’s recent Father’s Day Campaign.


Top 10 Posts For 2015

Yes, it’s that time of year when everyone comes out with their top 10 lists of the year, because why not take a few minutes to review the year that has been? We use this time to do New Year’s Resolutions, so why not look back for some inspiration and insights?

Click here > for the best blog posts of 2015.

If you find any other “top 10″ lists worth sharing – place a comment below. I’d love to see it and share it with our readers and subscribers.


Noah Today

AustralianBlogs - Infographic Noah In 2014


How to get more visitors to your blog

There are many strategies, but one not used by many are focusing on one commemorative day or awareness day per week or per month, to draw attention to that particular event, cause or theme and draw a targeted audience to your blog.

Sometimes, the quickest, easiest solutions are the most elegant and effective.



Vacationing in Australia Versus Alaska: You Decide!

Polar Bear Attack, Bear Attack Photo, Alaska Bear Attack


Wags Day Out

I recently came across a cute blog post published by Paddington Pups about Wags Day Out

It’s a great way to tell a story of what is special about your Dog Day Care in Southwest Brisbane.

Because the fact that Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer visited recently only goes so far…

Cesar Millan, Wags Day Out, Dog Day Care Southwest Brisbane


Is Your Blog Bland?

Is your blog bland and boring like the one shown here on the left? Then there’s no wonder no one’s coming back! To get more people to read and subscribe to your blog, you need to make it visually enticing to match the intriguing content that adds value to the reader. Many writers forget that blogging is a VISUAL experience. With today’s visual media, you need to make sure you add pictures, diagrams, images, MindMaps and of course embed videos from YouTube.

A bland blog like this is created purely for SEO purposes and that won’t be worth much in the long run. Sure the immediate SEO effect will be there, but without HUMANS going to the pages, STAYING on the pages AND coming back, it will die a slow death within the indexes.

Don’t forget that when you launch a blog, you’re doing it for the end game – to have a loyal readership that wants to hear from you.

Make what you have to say exciting, appealing and attractive. Go from Bland To Brand!

Otherwise your blog will languish and all your effort will be for naught.

If you’re going to put in 90% of the effort (writing the content), why not go the extra 10% and get the REWARDS?

Just ask yourself one simple question…

“Would I read and come back to this blog?”


How to get more people to read your blog

Everyone who publishes a blog wants more readers and subscribers. The key is to find interesting and intriguing posts to publish. Like for example, an Eastern Suburb Sydney Dentist, Dr Cary Fraser published this blog post that proves Tom Cruise does not have a perfect smile… C’mon admit it – you’re going to click on the hyperlink. That’s proof that this stuff works. Make it interesting and it will grow organically and automatically…


Autism Expert Blog

Today’s post is special, it includes an AUDIO interview with Magic Barclay of Fitness Driven in Geelong as well as a downloadable checklist. Magic cares for people the various conditions and afflictions noted below with a holistic, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach, producing, well… exponential results with a holistic approach that involves the patient and his or her carer. Her blog is becoming the central source of up-to-date information and research for people who want solutions that work.

Australian Blogs is proud to support Magic’s incredible devotion to this cause that helps so many who need better information. Information that actually solves problems, reduces pain and discomfort.

To listen to Dr Marc Dussault’s Interview of Magic Barclay at Fitness Driven <- Click on the hyperlink.

5 Exponential Blogging Lessons are included below:

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Engineer learns to blog like a pro

Blogs are an amazing development – allowing anyone to communicate openly, publicly and globally. The big screen movie, Julie & Julia is but one extreme example and I have to admit is a pretty good movie. Anyway, getting back on point – even Engineers can learn to blog. I mean that with all the respect and admiration I have for my fellow colleagues since I too am an engineer.

Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours in Melbourne has been in our Business Mastery Platinum Program for the past year and has produced some amazing results, but this latest one is definitely one I am really proud of…

An engineer blogging like a pro – who woudda thought?!?!

I mean take a look a Ray’s blog post about what’s so good about being an engineer. He’s used several of the tips I’ve talked about in previous blog posts on this and my other blogs.

For example, he optimises his blog’s SEO expertly for the keywords he knows his prospects are searching for and tells a story that people want to read even tell a few friends.

Go ahead and read his blog post and let him know how good it is by leaving a comment, he’ll really appreciate the encouragement.


The Social Media Revolution Is Here

As you know by now, my short blog posts are rare. This is one of them. This YouTube video is a must watch for anyone involved in Internet Marketing. It is absolutely priceless. I know you’ll want to watch it more than once and forward this blog link to colleagues and friends.

The Social Media Revolution Is Here


Don’t Make This Blog Mistake

Just a quick post to make sure that when you do launch your blog – make sure it is on the SAME domain as your website or sales pages IF you want to create traffic to that site, page or product. If you create a separate URL, then ONLY that URL will get the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefit…

For example:

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SEO: 1 Percent Improvement

This is one of my favorite concepts, improving 1 percent per day, every day. As I mentioned elsewhere, 1 percent improvement is about IMPROVING something not just ‘doing’ something.

That’s why I wanted to let you know what mine was today… I was going through my blogs and editing comments when my 1% popped out…

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Avoiding Duplicate Blog Content

With Internet-based professionals working remotely from all four corners of the world, duplication of blog and web content has indeed proliferated, so much so that increasingly more blog authors may or may not be aware that some of their posts are actually duplicate content.

The Problem With Duplicate Blog Content

There’s no doubt that plagiarism is the easiest, quickest and least expensive way to generate content. But that strategy comes at a cost. With duplicate content, your blog won’t rank as well because the material has already been published. Google and other search engines are adamantly opposed to duplicate content.

Google filters out websites with duplicate content by using the Supplemental Index of its database. Simply put, the GoogleBot crawls websites and blogs and looks for similar strings and content among the pages to see if it already exists on the web.

Let’s say that your blog shares duplicate content with a thousand other webpages or blogs. The GoogleBot will only pick a small number of these websites to include in its organic search results while the rest will be delegated to the Supplemental Index.

How it actually does this is quite complex, what you need to know is that your blog can be pushed way below the list and might not appear in the first 10 pages of organic search results IF AT ALL!

Avoiding Duplicate Blog Content

As it is, it is imperative that your blog must have original content – even if you are not the original creator of that content and have delegated that task to a ghost blogger. But how can you be sure when there are millions of publishers out there on the web writing articles?

The solution is quite simple: use an article checker or copyscape. There are dozens of these on the web – most are free with premium services catering to different markets (academic, professional publishers, Internet).

There are several advantages to using an article checker:

  • An article checker helps you write original content.

When using an article checker, you reduce the risk of committing plagiarism.

When you key in a particular keyword in a search engine, it only reports the results at the ‘top of the rankings’. The challenge is that the plagiarised text is probably on a website or blog 20 or 30 pages down the list which means you’re not going to find it quickly or easily.

An article checker crawls web pages and blog posts just like a search engine and shows you how many pages bear the same strings that match your content. It “checks” your content against other published materials online and, most often than not, even your own sources. After analyzing your material, it displays a percentage result stating how similar or original your work is compared to others, the format of the report and details depend on the service you use. Premium services are substantially more detailed and are recommended if you use low-cost ghost writers for you blog on an on-going basis.

  • An article checker helps you protect your own original blog content.

Imagine producing original blog posts totally and seeing a marked increase in your rankings and search results with increased organic traffic. You’re happy, but then over a short period of time, your blog traffic starts to drop off for no good reason. What happened?

Someone might be having a field day doing a mishmash of your articles, rewording some parts, then passing them off as their own and getting YOUR traffic! In fact mirroring your success…

If you suspect this is going on, use an article checker. Since an article checker functions just like a duplicate content checker, it will track websites and blogs with content that are similar to yours. What you do when you find the copycats is a discussion for another day and blog post.

One last point:

Don’t get paranoid, just be diligent about what you’re doing if you use low-cost, remote sub-contractors whom you don’t know very well.


KEYword blog optimisation

In a previous post, I mentioned that using keywords IN YOUR BLOG CONTENT can make a huge difference in your rankings and if you sell products from your blog, your sales as well.

But it’s not just about placing keywords, it’s about placing them strategically WITHIN your blog content.

Search engines use Prominence, Proximity and Density to rank the USE of the words within your blog posts.


Prominence implies that a word used at the beginning of a link or piece of text is more important than the rest of the text. The words that follow are scored lower and lower by the search engine algorithm until it is truncated or gets to zero value.

Poor example: ABC Corporation – we offer printing services to businesses

Better example: Business Printing Services – from ABC Corporation

If you’re technically inclined, using <h1> tags increases the text prominence substantially.


Proximity refers to how close the keywords that make up your keyphrase are to each other.

Poor example: Printing Business Cards & Letterheads

Better example: Business Card Printing & Letterhead Printing

The better example is optimised for “Business Card Printing” and “Letterhead Printing”.

You must keep in mind that search engines are ROBOTS that don’t think (or read), but ruthlessly analyse word placement and proximity to INTERPRET relevance and value to rank countless streams of text. You have to write like a robot wants to read!


Density is the third key to optimise keywords in your blog – which means removing any extraneous words for your titles.

Poor example:
Business Printing and other services

Better example: Business Printing

The poor example has 40% density (2 out of 5 words) whereas the better example has 100%.

You can ‘cascade’ these principles to further optimise your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but that is well beyond this blog post. We teach these principles in our Internet Mastery Programs.

I am sure if you just keep this in mind, you’ll make the 1 percent improvement that makes all the difference!

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


Examples for this concept were taken from an excellent book called “Get To The Top On Google” by David Viney. I highly recommend it as a basic SEO manual. If you’re like me, you’ll highlight segments that you’ll want to revisit on an on-going basis.


Post your Blog on Your Linked In Profile

If you aren’t on by now, you’re already behind the 8-ball.

You can link in to my network by clicking here >>> Marc Dussault <<<

It takes less than 2 minutes and you’ll have more than 1 MILLION CONNECTIONS INSTANTLY.

Once you’re on Linked In, you’ll want to make sure you fill in your profile as much as possible, focusing on keyword rich descriptions so that your name, product and/or service comes up in natural search engine results.

That means FREE traffic to you, especially Long Tail Niche Traffic!

It gets better – go to the Linked In home page, at the bottom of the left-hand side column, you’ll see a gear with the tag ‘applications’ click it and you’ll see the Blog Link Application.

“With Blog Link, you can get the most of your LinkedIn relationships by connecting your blog to your LinkedIn profile. Blog Link helps you, and your professional network, stay connected.”

How Blog Link Works:

Blog Link Powered by TypePad is simple. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Make sure your blog is listed on your “Websites” on your Profile.
  2. Add the Blog Link application to your LinkedIn Profile.
  3. That’s it – Blog Link will now add your sites to your profile.
  4. To find news and ideas from trusted people in your network, go to the “Your
  5. Network” tab. Blog Link will automatically find all of the blogs in your network and update them in the
  6. “Your Network” tab. If you do not see the blog of one of your connections, just ask them to add it to their “Websites” list on their LinkedIn profile and Blog Link will find it for you.

The best part is that it’s free – people who view your profile, will see your most recent blog posts.

In my case, at the time I published this post, I was getting an average of 7 views/day which is +/-2,500 people per year who are viewing my profile and/or finding ‘me’ in natural searches automatically.

As you know from my 1 percent improvement video, it all adds up and makes a difference – OFTEN a BIG difference.

The best part about this add-on with Linked In is that it promotes your completed profile to 110% completion, which means it gets a higher search engine (Google) ranking.

So now that you know, “please Dussault!”

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


If you would like to share tips and techniques like this with others, please post a comment on this blog and I will create a blog post around it giving you the exposure and backlink that as a blogger you know is ‘priceless’ especially with a high ranking blog like this one!