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The Legal Soapbox

Thoughts on law, motherhood, politics and life - at an all new location!

Talk It Out

This blog is about issues that we do or should care about and talk about - politics, womens issues, law, society and the like. It's aim is to create a space to discuss and debate

B o G, U + S

Blog on Globalisation, Universities & (Social) Science

Diversion Cubed

As a feminist journalist Christian with five kids, life is busy enough as it is without another diversion, and yet, I blog. Rants, rambles, and various bits of wisdom from a woman who's been there, done that.


politics, humour, cricket, mainly from Australia and the UK

The Killfile

Musings on politics, crime and whatever else takes my fancy, from some guy in Canberra who should know better

Awake and Alert

Awake and Alert is an interactive blog dedicated to discussing political and economic issues from across Australia and around the world.

The Legal Soapbox

A blog about legal issues, law, politics, society, motherhood and other stuff
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