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Blogging becomes Mainstream

If you think blogging has become increasingly popular, you’re absolutely right.

Blogging has become so pervasive and influential that the lines between blogging and the mainstream media have disappeared. That’s one of the main findings of a Technorati-sponsored survey of bloggers conducted in July and August 2008 by Decipher.

“Blogs are now mainstream media,” said Richard Jalichandra, CEO of Technorati, in an interview with eMarketer. “We’ve certainly seen that with the number of professional, semi-professional and passion/enthusiast bloggers who are creating real media experiences. At the same time, you’re also seeing mainstream media come the other direction to add blog content.”

But how do blogs compare to other electronic media?

ComScore Media Metrix found that blogs had 77 million unique visitors in the US in August 2008, compared with 75.1 million unique visitors to MySpace and 41 million to Facebook.

It gets better… In July 2008, comScore’s ranking of the top 10 entertainment Websites included four blogs. Two of those, OMG and TMZ, were rated Number1 and 2, respectively.

Among the Technorati survey’s own findings, one of the more eye-opening ones was a 2-to-1 male/female ratio among bloggers worldwide.

Are you as surprised as I was?

A closer look at the gender breakdown by geography shows that bloggers in Europe and Asia skewed even more heavily male (73% each), while US bloggers showed a less drastic gender split, with 57% males and 43% females.

Mr. Jalichandra acknowledged that the gender skew could be at least partially attributed to “the type of people that come to Technorati and register.” In other words, if Technorati’s user base leans male, then its survey data would naturally reflect that bias.

Another important caveat to the gender data is that the “State of the Blogosphere” report was limited to adults. Other surveys of blog use among US teenagers indicate that younger bloggers are predominantly female.

So there you have it – blogging has become mainstream which is great from an exposure point of view, but terrible when it comes to sticking out and above the masses… Something to discuss in a future post.

Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist

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  1. Marc Dussault

    That’s a big question – I suggest you take a look at programs I offer at the URL below that can begin to answer that question for you.

    But to give you a simple answer, a blog is an interactive experience where people like you can post comments and exchange thoughts and ideas with the blogger(s) quickly and easily.

    A website on the other hand (usually) is static with information content that people can access at their leisure, but the interactivity is usually uni-directional.

    Many people now have blogs without having a website because sophisticated blogs can have the benefits of BOTH.

    That’s a ‘simple’ answer to a complex question.

    I hope that helps.

    Onward and upward!
    Dr Marc Dussault

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