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Get more people to read your blog – ADD STATISTICS!

People might hate taking statistics courses, but they love a great statistic!

I’ll prove it to you.

Did you know?

  • Many microbiologists say that you’re better off eating lunch in the bathroom than in your office? – One study found that the office desk has more bacteria on it than the average toilet – some 400 times more bacteria!
  • Some of the worst areas for bacteria are found to be first the phone (25,000 germs per square inch), then the desktop (20,000), then the keyboard (about 3,000), then the mouse (1,600), THEN the toilet seat (a mere 49).
  • One in two (45%) have seen coworkers leave the bathroom without washing their hands.
  • Nearly a third of office workers (31%) never personally clean their office space with disinfectant.

Now tell me those statistics aren’t captivating and alarming?

So there you have it – another quick way to make your blog posts more interesting and entertaining!

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


The effective use of statistics is that they they must be relevant – the ones below are nowhere as powerful as the first list and are shown here for contrast.

  • Office workers are getting sick nearly on average of 1.4 times/year from co-workers.
  • Nearly 22% of women get three or more colds a year from colleagues at work.
  • Studies in schools have found that using hand sanitizers or washing hands can reduce absenteeism by 30 percent to 50 percent.
  • Three in four office workers (76%) say their company has a professional cleaner to take care of their work space, which still lives a quarter of offices which don’t.

Of course this is a value-judgment and RELATIVE to your blog’s audience. This last series are ABSOLUTELY RELEVANT to commercial cleaners. Especially the last one – if commercial cleaners aren’t cleaning the office, who is?

Now that would be an interesting blog post…!


  1. Rainier M. Pancrazio

    Very interesting statistic! It is quite surprising that we better off eating our lunch in the bathroom rather than in the office…:) Not that we want to do that…but the result showed that the bathroom is actually cleaner than the office which is shocking.

    Your strategy to use good statistic in the blog post is very good. I could use the same strategy for my site which gives information about mobile phone plans and what people MUST KNOW before they enter into any mobile phone contract.

    Thank you for sharing the strategy, Marc.

    Rainier M. Pancrazio of

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