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The WriteSmart blog aims to inform and inspire budding writers and avid readers by providing: writing tips and an insight into the freelance writing industry; author interviews, profiles and articles (including practical advice); news and media commentary; plus the occasional philosophical musing drawn from an 18-year career of working with words.

Chris Pash

writers of narrative nonfiction and cliche hunter. Cliche of the Week column.

Good, Bad, and Bogus

This blog is about science and science journalism: good, bad, and bogus. Posts are often about the implications science has on society and about the impact science and politics have on science and its communication. The author, Michael Slezak, is a philosopher of science and freelance science journalist.


Hackpacker is travel writing, journalism and literature on the cheap. It's written by Melbourne-based writer George Dunford.

Australian Women Online

Interviews with successful women and general stories of interest to women

A Wild Young Under-Whimsy

In which the random, trashy, pop-cultural musings of Mel are displayed in all their superficial glory.

The Second Sight

An Australian perspective on the retreat from the principles of the Enlightenment. Rather sad and boggy.


It's all about boredom baby. (Est 2001)

Melbourne Snapshots

A web-log by a Melbourne guy (Headhunter) - focussing on photography, life in Melbourne - people, places, things to do, real estate and other seemingly mundane aspects of life...

library sputnik

A renamed blog by Genevieve Tucker, turning slowly into a reblog of chunks of media, webtech, library and researcher's news. (Let's face it, the old name was 'orrible.) Library Sputnik contains a list of Australian writing links which can also be found at You Cried for Night (see right, under writing.)
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