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The Mindset Of A Champion Blog is for serious athletes who want the winner's edge to think, perform and win like a Champion. Authored by Dr Marc Dussault, renowned and self-confessed squash addict, this is a rare glimpse into what it takes to be a champion.As a Silver Medallist at the 2009 Australian Masters Games, Marc has 'placed' in 3 of the 6 tournaments he's competed in including reaching a 'Top 50 world ranking' at the 2008 World Masters Championships. Not bad for someone who learnt to play squash less than 10 years ago.This blog has a definite squash orientation, but is of interest to any serious athlete who is mesmerised and intrigued by the nuances of human psychology. Concepts like 'deliberate practice', 'reverse salients' and 'positive deviance' are revealed and dissected with unabashed humour and wit.As a mature athlete, many blog posts focus on injury prevention, quick recovery and other strategies to sustain and extend your athletic career.This is a personal indulgence filled with passionate discourses and in-depth discussions that are sure to evoke a reaction and commentary from this growing community of athletes and super-achievers!