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What to Consider when Buying your First Motorcycle

What to Consider when Buying your First Motorcycle

Buying First Motorbike

If you have dreams of driving the Great Ocean Road or through the Outback with the wind in your hair, there’s nothing like buying a motorcycle in Australia. Yet for first-timer owners, there are several factors to take into consideration both in terms of safety and value.

You’ll want to pore over motorcycle safety tips and even take a special course before researching the licensing requirements in your state. Reading motorcycle publications and blogs is another good way to learn more about the different types of bikes out there.

Armed with the basics, you’ll be able to then get ready to take the plunge and go shopping! The following tips can help you as you get started.


Think about your Needs as a Rider

There are many different shapes, sizes, and levels of power of today’s top motorcycles. Are you looking for a basic moped to drive for recreational purposes, or are you looking for something with more power to travel long distances? You’ll need to think about what you plan on using your bike for, whether it’s practicing your DIY skills or commuting to and from work in style. Making a list of your needs will help you narrow down the wide array of options out there on the market to find a better fit.

Don’t Get Overambitious

It’s tempting to go with the biggest, coolest, and most powerful motorcycle that fits within your price range. Yet if you’re just getting the feel for a motorcycle, you probably want something that’s a little more practical. It’s a common mistake for new riders to purchase a costly bike with far more power than they would ever need or use. You can purchase a slower bike to get started and build your confidence as a rider before you upgrade to something speedier.

Try on Many Sizes

As motorcycles come in different sizes, you’ll want something that is comfortable to ride. Try on a few different sizes at the dealership to get a feel for what you can control comfortably. Narrow down your search to a few different models and take them for a test drive to see how they feel. A bike that seems like the right size may unexpectedly strain your wrists or cause you to feel off-balance, and you’ll never know until you’re astride it.

Think about New Vs. Used

A used bike can be a great starter vehicle. Used vehicles often offer great value for your money, as they have already depreciated and you will not be as concerned about damaging anything. However, they may not be as reliable as a brand new bike and could cause you to spend more money on maintenance. A brand new Yamaha at sites like will come with a warranty, and you are guaranteed that they will stay in proper working order while you learn the ins and outs of riding.

Look beyond the Sticker Price

As with purchasing any vehicle, there are a number of additional costs to consider and it’s important to look at the long term picture to find something that fits in your budget. This includes insurance rates, which can be quite high for first time motorcycle owners. Be sure to compare rates with several different carriers, looking at how different models can affect premiums. First time buyers will also need to invest in safety gear, including a high quality helmet, jacket, and gloves. Maintenance will also be a cost to consider, particularly if you are buying a used motorcycle. Fuel costs can vary considerably depending on how often you plan to ride your bike.

The Bottom Line

Unlike a practical family or commuting vehicle, motorcycles are usually purchased purely for the fun of ownership. Although you’ll want to keep the logistical issues mentioned above in mind as you compare and contrast your options, don’t forget that you ultimately want a bike that will be fun to own and ride. Listen to your gut and take your time to compare all your options to find the best starter bike.

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