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What is Title Insurance?

When buying property, either for commercial or residential purposes, indemnity is necessary to avoid future financial losses or stressful situations arising from the property. To this end, title insurance is always recommended to cover any known and unknown risks.

What does title insurance protect against?

Title insurance is a document that protects against possible losses or inconvenience that may arise from known and unknown risks.

  • Known risks are those that can be foreseen by running a title search and hiring a professional to analyse the property.
  • Unknown risks on the other hand, are those which cannot be foreseen but which may still arise during your period of ownership of the property.

Who needs title insurance?

Many people have heard of title insurance but are not sure whether they need it. To clarify, title insurance is necessary for:

  • Residential and commercial mortgage lenders
  • Home owners
  • Commercial property owners

The importance of Title insurance

Having insurance coverage on your property comes in handy in several scenarios. For starters, it covers problems that may arise from the title itself. These may include an incorrect signature, the incorrect registration process of the title, a breach of covenant by the seller and even the title being owned by another person other than the insured. It also covers against external risks like breach of boundaries, in which case the property is either encroaching into someone else’s property, or other buildings are encroaching onto your property. In this case, it covers both financial losses and stress that may arise from the encroachment. It also covers any survey cover that may be necessary to determine the property’s boundaries and it also covers forgery, fraud, impersonation or incapacity, which may have happened before settlement on the property.

Is every title insurance policy the same?

However, while title insurance covers a wide range of foreseen and unforeseen risks, the exact risks covered against vary from insurer to insurer. Some of the common risks not covered include contamination and basically anything else not related to the title.

How can I get title insurance?

Owing to its grave importance, and considering how huge an investment property is, title insurance is very affordable and easy to find. It only requires a one-time premium payment, which covers you for the entire period of your ownership of the property. For a commercial or residential mortgage lender, the insurance is only valid for the duration of the mortgage, and needs to be renewed with renewal of a mortgage.

Furthermore, title insurance is also convenient for the Conveyance Company or solicitor as it helps streamline the conveyance process. This is because risks tied to the property may also affect the solicitor or conveyance company, but they are exposed to minimal professional incompetence when the property owner has a title insurance policy.

To this end, a company such as Infotrack can easily facilitate the title insurance application process as part of the transaction. In addition to insuring property during the transaction, people who already own homes or commercial properties can also buy title insurance under the different policies available on the market.

As previously mentioned, different policies come with varying terms and conditions depending on the insurer. As such, it is always recommended that you carefully read the terms of the agreement and the risks you are viable for coverage against. This will help you get the best ideal title insurance for comprehensive security for your investment. A professional company such as Infotrack can ensure that a title search, and title insurance can be arranged quickly, easily and without fuss. It’s therefore an essential you cannot do without when purchasing property. To learn more about title insurance, it’s well worth a visit to

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