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5 Tourist Attractions to Visit while on Business in Japan

Senso-JiJapan is a country built on tradition and culture. As a major business hub, Japan has many cities and districts to explore during your downtime. If you are heading off to Japan to conduct business, it can be extremely helpful to get assistance in advance from a travel expert, such as FCm Travel Solutions, when it comes to picking the right hotel and working out which attractions to see. In the meantime, here are a couple of not-to-be missed attractions:

1. Kyoto

Originally Japan’s national capital (until 1886), Kyoto is home to a variety of ancient sites and beautiful architecture. Kyoto’s district contains more than 15 World Heritage sites, including Kinkakuji (also known as the Golden Pavilion), one of the most iconic imperial remnants the city has on display. Kinkakuji is now a Zen Buddhist temple, perfectly positioned amongst tranquil surroundings. Built in the 14th century, the gold leaf top storys and beautiful gardens are a reminder of its past life.

2. Senso-ji Main Hall

After losing the originals to fire in 1945, Asakusa took more than a decade to rebuild Senso-ji. It is one of Tokyo’s most significant temples and a must-see on most tourist itineraries. Stop by the incense burner before making your way through the main hall, which is home to a collection of votive paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries. There are shops and eateries in the area to regroup after exploring the main hall. Once you have explored Senso-ji, wander off the beaten track and explore more of Asakusa.

3. Sky Garden Observation Deck, Landmark Tower – Yokohama

The tallest building in Yokohama is home to one of Japan’s highest observation decks. Offering 360 degree views across Yokohama city, the Bay Bridge and even out to Mount Fuji on a clear day, the deck lets you see the city from a different perspective. The lift to Sky Garden ascends 750 metres per minute, taking you to the deck in just 40 seconds. If you can’t make it during the day, the deck is open until 10pm most nights and gives a wonderful view of the city lit up at dark.

4. Hiroshima’s Peace Museum and Atom Bomb Dome

A name synonymous with atomic bombs, Hiroshima is now focused on encouraging peace. The Peace Memorial Museum is split into two parts: the first a look at Hiroshima before and after the bombing, the second a vivid display of the destruction. The A-Bomb Dome is one of the few buildings still standing after the city was bombed and shows the force that shook the city. The surrounding area, including Peace Memorial Park, home to some beautiful cherry blossoms, has been designed as a tribute to that August day in 1945.

5. Kabuki-za Theatre, Ginza

Tokyo’s most famous Kabuki theatre is located opposite Higashi Ginza Station. Kabuki is a traditional type of theatre, with dramatic set changes and new actors appearing before your eyes. The amazing costumes are a staple of Kabuki-style theatre, where matinees can last up to four hours. Rent a headset and listen to the translation to follow the storyline, although the action on stage alone will keep you entertained. Don’t be put off by spectators coming and going; this is fairly common.

Your next Japanese business trip can be filled with as much colour and entertainment as you like. What attractions are on your must-see list for your trip to Japan?

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