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What Changes Need To Happen To The Online Gaming Community In 2015?

The online gaming landscape is far from perfect. Last year, gamers all around the world experienced major problems that hindered their enjoyment of video gaming. This year, gamers are hoping for a better gaming experience that’s free from lag and hate from other users.

Testing Before Releasing

2014 was considered to be a problematic year for gaming. Next-gen consoles are still fairly new and developers are still figuring out how to utilise the hardware to its full advantage. Games like PS4’s DriveClub, Xbox One’s Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Assassins’ Creed: Unity are just some of the examples on how to NOT TO launch a game.

Gamers are criticizing the games as being broken and developers are pointing their fingers at the lack of time to test the games in the real world setting. Online-only games with mult-iplayer function experienced failed servers and irritating lagging. For the gaming landscape to change, developers need to produce quality content that actually works BEFORE they release it.

Minimize Microtransactions

Downloadable content (DLC) is quickly becoming a new norm, but most gamers feel developers are cheating them. Instead of launching full games, some maps, gear and modes of game play are only accessible if you pay for it. Compare this to the time when games were shipped in full, contributing to the overall enjoyment of it. With the gaming landscape shifting gears to mobile, gamers can expect that microtransactions will continue to proliferate as a money-making business model. Gamers only hope that they keep it to a minimum before it backfires and gamers quit because it becomes too expensive.

New Ways To Play

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) needs to be a part of our games today. Oculus Rift has been teasing gamers all over the world about their innovative way on how to play, yet gamers are still treated to the same modes over and over again. The online gaming landscape should be more inclusive for brand new technologies, paving more ways for people to play. We’ve already seen demos of VR being used in games like Minecraft and first-person shooters. Our only hope now is to finally be able to play these games using these new reality advancements.

No More Hate

Streaming your gameplay allows others to view how you achieved your high score, but it can also be a way for you to get hurt and mocked by those watching. Swatting is a well-known prank that involves making fake calls to 911 to disrupt game streamers. These pranks are not only hurtful, they also waste the time and effort of the emergency services. We hope those guilty of this practice are brought to justice and this hateful practice finally stops.

Better Matchmaking

While some games excel in their matchmaking capabilities, others continue to lag in this field. Servers can crash when over encumbered and some of the biggest hacks last year affected big gaming networks like the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Gamers want to experience a world of games and that is only possible if the games allow us to connect to anyone out there. The algorithm for matchmaking capabilities, from simple online casino games to bigger triple A games, should be improved so that gamers easily access and enjoy the games they love.



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