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Four important things to consider before choosing a divorce lawyer

Family Law PhotoDivorce, even when amicable is never fun or easy. Finding the right family legal counselor to help navigate the complexities involved in your separation is a crucial choice confronting anyone faced with ending a relationship. Hiring a lawyer with the relevant legal background and mastery of divorce law is paramount, however it’s equally as important to find a family legal counselor that you feel comfortable and confident working with during what is inevitably an emotionally upsetting time.

Here are some valuable tips when considering selecting your legal representation for your divorce.

1. Begin looking for the right legal advisor as soon as you are able

It’s preferable not to create more anxiety than you already have, looking for and hiring your legal advisor. It’s best to be pro-active and not leave hiring your lawyer until the last minute, i.e. waiting until you get a letter out of nowhere from a legal counselor representing your ex, requesting  immediate action.

It is far less stressful in the long run to look for and engage legal counsel when you are beginning to realize your relationship is deteriorating to a point that it’s end is more than likely. In the event this is unrealistic, then you ought to seek legal advice as quickly as possible after you have separated from your spouse.

You will receive very helpful information regarding both your rights and what is expected of you under the law. One of the benefits of acting proactively is that engaging the services of the lawyer of YOUR CHOICE at this time will ensure your ex will not be able to utilize your preferred lawyer or their law office in any legal proceedings against you.

2. Hire a specialist in the field of family law

This point should just be common sense and yet during times of great stress it is not always easy to make logical choices. Because the application of family law is constantly subject to new legal precedents, it is vital for lawyers practicing in the field to stay up to date with the law as it currently applies.

This is vital in terms of being able to provide you, as the client, with the most up to date legal advice and representation possible. Engaging a lawyer who specialises in family law will thus give you the best results. Researching family law practices online will help you get an idea of the options available to you. Make sure to visit who specialise in family law.

3. Get a recommendation

In today’s world, everybody knows somebody who has experienced a relationship breakdown. If it happens to you, ask your friends about their involvement with the legal advisors they engaged when their relationships ended. Not everybody is eager to talk about such intimate matters, however a great many people would be open about whether they had a decent or awful experience with their legal counselor.

If you aren’t comfortable asking personal acquaintances about such things, it could be a good idea to approach someone you trust in a professional capacity for a referral, like your doctor or even your bookkeeper.

4. Make an appointment

When you think you found the right lawyer for your needs, arrange to see them at your earliest convenience. As this can be an emotional time, bring along someone you trust to help you understand the information and guidance you will be given. They will also be able to help you decide whether or not this is the appropriate lawyer for your specific situation.

This meeting should allow you to evaluate whether you and the attorney will work well together, if there is good compatibility between you and that you’ll be able to engage in an open and effective dialogue with one another.

Also, it’s important to trust your instincts, taking on board the advice of your trusted advisor. Do you feel confident this particular lawyer will be able to attain the best results for you in a professional, efficient, expedient and cost effective manner? If you are at all unsure of how you feel about any of the above then it may be wise to continue looking for another lawyer to represent you.

If you have not yet been in touch, contact Prime Lawyers in Sydney. It is eminently more sensible to acknowledge any doubts with another lawyer at a very early stage, rather than retaining legal counsel to then have to start all over again down the track, having wasted valuable time and money in the process.

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