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I have to state up front that I’m a Qantas Platinum Member and consider it one of the world’s top airlines. I think this is a great way to “come clean” about any mistakes, errors or shortcomings. The worst thing that can be done is – nothing.

Qantas Easter Message

Qantas Easter Message


  1. bret andrew ryan

    G’day my name is Bret, how you doing? Let me tell you. I and others have sat and watched one of Australia’s finest assets getting smashed in the name of more profit and buck saving, all at the expense of us, Australia.
    But I see our problem as Australians, we don’t own Qantas. It’s just another share holder company trying its best to make every cent it can out of us with out spending a cent.
    So let’s have a look at your inane response to your great company’s shortfalls, and we will only do one…. safety. Thats it that’s all. You truly seem to believe in your words, so I ask you to honestly publish or forward all the issues Qantas has had since transferring maintenance overseas. I wouldn’t mind seeing for myself the facts.
    From what I know of air safety, and its not much, is that it doesn’t take to much to bring down a jet (or hundreds of people) so when anything happens in mid air, I so fail to see your safety speil coming close to the realisation of what and who you are responsible for, and I’d like to think the Australian public can see anyone who can say such after what has happened to Qantas, honestly doesn’t have a clue.
    So for all you Qantas people, when that engine catches fire again at 30 000 feet, don’t panic, you’re right, got three more, but what’s worse is the above is the response you will get only after months of no comment. In my life time Qantas was one of the greatest, in my life time I can see it fall.

    • Marc Dussault

      I’m sorry you feel that way about Qantas, one of our iconic companies that has the world’s best safety record with ZERO crash fatalities, but you are entitled to your opinion so I’ve posted your response for all to see.

  2. Aussie Girl

    Come on now. Qantas will always be epic. I remember when I was in USA and went to see the movie Rain Man where they said Qantas never had an accident and all my American friends asked me if its true! I was so proud of my country and this airline!
    May Qantas always be the greatest.

  3. davidmiller

    I and others have sat and watched one of Australia’s finest assets getting smashed in the name of more profit and buck saving, all at the expense of us, Australia.
    But I see our problem as Australians, we don’t own Qantas. It’s just another share holder company trying its best to make every cent it can out of us with out spending a cent. A very smart and diplomatic answer. It’s really appreciable and general.

  4. The airline that flys nowhere internationaly

    Internationally Qantas used to be in my top 5 airlines now its somewhere around 7th. It is trading on its past performances and reputation and passengers can see through that.

    I have traveled with so many airlines these last 30 years for business and pleasure mainly in business class and first class and my share of economy flights. Qantas is being beaten hands down when it comes to providing a useful and necessary overseas network that works for those with big money to spend and time limited.

    Qantas planes go to Frankfurt and London. Yawn…!

    Nobody unless they are price sensitive or chasing frequent flier points is interested in landing in Heathrow clearing customs and rechecking onto another airline to get back to any European capital to do business or have a 5 star holiday.

    That Qantas doesn’t have the capacity or skill to make a destination like Paris or Berlin or Madrid or Rome or Moscow or anywhere in Scandanavia viable is an indictment on the capabilities of its management team. And stop playing the Jetstar card. If what I read is true Jetstar is a doomed strategy in Europe as you will have nil business class passengers and certainly no first class. Let me see $10 000 to spend to go to Paris. Will I give it to Jetstar or a real full service airline?

    Now I can fly on Emirates, Etihad and Qatar and with only 1 stop in the middle east land in over 30 European destinations as well as London and Manchester. Same goes with Singapore Airlines and Cathay via Asia.

    But Qantas managers scratch their heads and wonder why they lose market share. If you can’t figure that out you are in the wrong job or afraid to speak the truth in your meetings with senior decision makers.

    Get your heads out of your behinds and make some big decisions to get back your premium passengers. I don’t want 3 choices of entree instead of 2. I want you to fly to where I want to go in a QANTAS plane with QANTAS crew.

    I have heard all the excuses about why Qantas claims they can’t compete with the Middle Eastern carriers, from we don’t have deep pockets or a fuel subsidy or we are an end of the world nation or our crew are too expensive.

    After speaking to many industry insiders and Qantas staff and fellow passengers here is the feel out there:

    Qantas is going nowhere fast as an international operation or at best just holding its head above water.

    Lounges don’t cut it when most of your time is in the air as passenger.

    Qantas can’t provide a true international network with its own Qantas planes as it doesn’t have the right aircraft. They should have been ordered years ago so I can’t blame Alan Joyce for that decision. However they could be leased now.

    Qantas should have a fleet of 777s or A340s as well as A380s and 747s and fly to most European Capitals on a regular schedule.

    Forget Jetstar. If it goes to Europe or The USA do you really think business or first class passengers are going to fly with them based on service and amenities? It’s at best a domestic airline low cost and a bus.

    Qantas has no strategy to grow its brand internationally. It announces Dallas and gives up San Francisco, big deal, It chooses not to grow any comprehensive network overseas without canabilising some other part of its Mainline operation.

    Food, you can have all the named chefs in the world but dining at 40 000ft is not the same as a restaurant anywhere. Period.

    Surely your in flight surveys tell you why people fly Qantas; Flat beds, destinations, time of departures, The crew (professional real and able to have a conversation) The safety record; battered savagely so I think you are losing passengers there.

    As I said at the start other than the crew aspect, at least 5 quality airlines will get me to where I want to go quicker with 1 stop in comfort. I think you have left your run too late to recover and if not for your frequent flier programme more passengers will be willing to try other airlines and find out the truth. That Qantas is the Australian Airline that really goes nowhere.

  5. Amanda

    When companies stop worrying about their consumer and care more for the bottom line (which they forget is supplied first and foremost BY their consumers, then they lose my stamp of approval, and, therefore, my money. Good on you for not putting up with it any longer. Complacency kills, and my money can go to support a more patriotic and compassionate company for sure.

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