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Recycling – not as green as you might think!

I recently traveled on a Virgin Blue flight and one of the articles stood out. We might think that recycling is simple when it’s not that that black and white. Click on the hyperlink to read about whether or not you’re as green as you’d like to think you are!

While I have you here – whenever you come across something valuable or interesting make a note of it and make sure you blog about it. In this case the CONTENT is valuable, but also the delivery mechanism – the ONLINE MAGAZINE is great don’t you think? Easy to navigate, it almost feels like reading the actual magazine… I can’t wait to read it on my new iPad!


  1. Matt

    This doesn’t surprise me. I’ve long thought that recycling is much more about people making themselves feel better about themselves than actually doing anything substantial for the environment.

    I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that being a greenie is a religious thing for a lot of people. And recycling is like going to confession; a way of assuaging their guilt.

  2. Amanda

    I agree with pokie lover in that it can’t be doing harm, but there are certainly better and more productive ways to be spending our money and time. This was a thought proviking article. I will be sure to bring it up when dinner conversations go stale. It seems like everybody has an opinion, be it good or bad, about recycling.

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