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Marketing/PR hypothesis No.1: Personalise it

You have a new idea or product or service.

It’s cool but in its early form – a little edgy and raw.

But it’s got potential.

How do you get the word out?

Hypothesis No.1: Personalise it


If you can’t be all things to all people, road test the idea with a few trusted friends. Cut it down to its raw elements and put it to them for comment.

Put a little spin on it to initiate eyeball engagement. Think of it this way: if your product was a book, what would the cover/title/book need to look like so that the potential reader grabs it off the shelf. Whether he/she ends up buying it will depend on the merits of the transaction – does the book give the reader what he/she needs/wants, but the point is you need to gather the audience before you can even start that spiel.

The AustralianBlogs experience
We thought we’d try our new idea on the inmates/housemates at the Silicon Beach House by individually labelling some beers we brought for Freelancer Friday. Small and hopefully unobtrusive but enough for Bronwen, Myles and Dave to ask the question we wanted them to: “So what’s”

Whether or not the new idea meets their needs will depend on how well we do our job in structuring our offering + whether they actually need what we offer….but last things first – let’s make them grab this little idea off the shelf for a closer look.

The Concept

The Yakka

The Execution

Myles Eftos (MadPilot Productions and PerthNorg) and Luke Evans (AustralianBlogs)

Dave Gardner (Intilecta Corporation)

Bronwen Clune (PerthNorg) and Luke Evans

Bronwen Clune and Bronwen‘s beer

Beered in absentia: Richard Giles (Scouta) and Jordan Brock (Five Senses Coffee)


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  2. Richard Giles

    Woohooo…….beer with my name on!

    Damn shame I wasn’t hear when you guys dropped in, sorry. You’ll have to come back, and I can save it to chug when you’re here.

    Interesting idea. Wondering how scalable it is though? 🙂

  3. Bronwen

    Thanks for the beer John! When I was sitting at my desk today after the whirlwind of last week, my empty beer bottle caught my eye and I looked by
    So for one of your customers it worked anyway.
    Like the idea and thanks for the peak behind the scenes in making my personalised beer.
    Extra points for spelling my name right as well.
    Look forward to keeping up with all you have to offer … though with you that is a challenge!
    Feel free to test out any other marketing ideas at the Beach House 😉

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