Average Australian Woman

In a recent cover story in The Sunday Telegraph edition of Body + Soul, this image was said to reflect the average Australian Woman.

I thought it was “provocative enough” to ask what the cover story asked…

Is this woman fat?

Average Woman, Australian Average, Average Weight

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5 Responses to “Average Australian Woman”

  • All women are beautiful they come in all shapes and sizes so no, she is not fat.

  • Compare the average Australian woman to the Australian supermodel (Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Hawkins, etc) who would you rather sleep with? They are both healthy and both amazingly beautiful but one is slightly more appealing. I am just saying what everyone else is too afraid to say.

  • What a tub of lard, holy shit.

  • What a disgusting fat piece of shit. I’m gonna puke right now.
    I wanted to visit Australia once, but changed my destination to fucking Antarctic. Even goddamn penguins look better.

  • Damn she’s huge

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