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Australian Graffiti Removal Day October 26th

 Graffiti is a costly public nuisance that costs taxpayers a lot of money, not to mention kills taggers and graffiti vandals on a regular basis. Even though there are numerous graffiti removal companies, the problem still persists.

A NSW organisation has created a Graffiti Removal Day to bring attention to this problem and reduce the graffiti that scars the beauty of our cities. Get out there and do your share to beautify our surroundings!

Thank you to Amelia Priest of Just Snacks for sending this through. She has done her bit to help as I have (getting the word out to more people), now it’s your turn!


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  1. Mark Mackenzie

    Graffiti removal is certainly a growing problem for many people right across Australia and it is great to see both state governments and residents taking the initiative to remove graffiti from their local area.

    Professional graffiti removal is one of the best ways to keep graffiti under control and our award-winning company with over 35 years experience is available across the country to help you win the battle against graffiti vandalism.

    Mark Mackenzie
    B. Mech Eng (hons) GAICD
    The Graffiti Eaters
    Call today on 1300 305 307

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