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Australian fibromyalgia research explores the benefits of floatation therapy

Great news for fibromyalgia sufferers residing in Melbourne, Australia!

Back in 2012, a Swedish fibromyalgia international research initiative shone a light of hope in the dark tunnels of this often confusing disorder. At first, the findings were met with some scepticism, but soon, as more fibromyalgia sufferers joined the study, the light got brighter.

The Swedish Fibromyalgia Research group demonstrated compelling evidence that floatation REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) “provided significant temporary reductions in pain, muscle tension, stress, anxiety and sadness, as well as significant increases in relaxation, feelings of well-being, energy and ease of movement.”

Improvement in the quality of sleep was also reported. The real beauty of the fibromyalgia research was that participants reported positive health benefits.

Holy Moly! What’s floatation therapy, you ask? Well, you might not remember when you were in your mother’s womb, but a foetus floats in a special liquid called the amniotic fluid. That’s what flushes out when a woman’s water break. A miracle of life! And it’s what made us feel warm and cosy inside the protective womb.

A floatation tank is intended to mimic that experience. As you float in magnesium-enriched water, you feel totally relaxed, and your body is free of the effects of gravity. The combination of zero gravity and relaxing magnesium salt in a protective environment that is free of outside stimuli can work wonders for many patients.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia and swallowing more drugs makes you gag, then register to participate in the Floatation Fibromyalgia Project. If you haven’t tried floatation therapy before, you’re in for a treat! It is totally relaxing, soothing and peaceful. You can learn more about the Fibromyalgia research project here:

This could be just what you need to get those fibromyalgia demons off your back…!


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