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Are you worth $1.8 million/hour?

This is a photographer shared with me, Max Ucherek of Sydney….

“I always tell the story that I’m only really working as a photographer when I’m pressing the shutter button, all the rest is idle or down time. The exposure time normally only lasts 1/250 sec and if I take 1000 photos at a typical wedding I’m really only doing 4 seconds of work. The rest of the time I’m just having a chat or waiting for the next photo opportunity. Charging $2000 for a normal day:  $2000 / 4 seconds works out at $1.8 million per hour. I’m cheap at half that rate.”

“If I use an exposure setting of 1/1000 of a second I’ve just quadrupled productivity or my $ rate but I don’t want customers to think that they are not getting their money’s worth of my time.”

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