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You do not need to pay at least $229.00 USD and $199.00 minimum a month,to an SEO Company, just to have your Page shown, in the front pages,in search engines, in one Domain.Just imagine what it would cost for over 800 domains?The average price to buy a domain name is $10.00 USD.$10.00 USD x 800 = $8,000.With this program, you only pay your admin fee plus a small payment,for each URL / affiliate link you add for 3, 6 , 9 or 12 months.Your URL / affiliate link will be shown in over 800 Domains.Below is examples of just 2 pages, I have in this system.URL: Title: Never again use an Affiliate ID to promote a Business.Share your Multi Domain Rotation systemMy SEO Page: 29,873 added March 25th 2009.URL: Title: GEM Island Web 3,0 Technology in Asia - World WideMy SEO Page: 57,032. Added Sunday April 12th 2009.Skype Me. aussiekeith56.