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Where the bloody hell am I?You're at the Australian version of popular US showbiz blog Defamer! Think of us as a kind of bastard child the original North American Defamer unknowingly conceived after a brief and ill-advised conjugal visit to an airplane toilet with a fame-obsessed Qantas flight attendant.Indeed! Exactly what sort of stuff will you be banging on about at Defamer Australia?We'll not only discuss Australian showbiz as a whole and obsessively watch/review rubbish reality television programs, but we'll also report on the occasional Australian current event/hot news item. We'll put in our two cents when it comes to overseas entertainment related stuff, seasoning it with an Antipodean perspective. We'll bang on about pop culture fads and music until your eyes roll back in your head. Last but not least, we will grab the posts from the US site and publish them right here on Defamer Australia. All in all, that's a lot of fucking stuff to read when you're bored at work.