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GoLights is an Australian owned and operated online lighting retailer with offices in both Sydney and Melbourne. Since October 2012, GoLights has been providing residential and commercial customers with a variety of lighting products sourced from well known, established manufacturers as well as boutique lighting designers.We always aim to offer our customers the most competitive prices which are usually below wholesale cost.The GoLights DifferenceEducating customers to make informed decisions about lightingNick Nicolaou, Andrew Proestos and Vince Hansimikali are the three founding directors at GoLights. It was back in 2009 when they were involved in importing a range of lights, that they realised there was a serious gap in the lighting online retail market.Traditionally when people needed lights they would contact their electrician who would advise them, purchase the lights and then install them. With the online retail revolution everything changed. Consumers were going online and doing their own research, wanting to know:What type of lighting can I use?How can I use it?What options do I have?The problem with this is that lighting is a technical product. There���s safety issues involved and a lot of the information isn���t readily available, in terms of what type of lighting is suitable for different wiring and what standards need to be adhered to.There was a serious gap in the way that lighting was being sold online. No retailer was taking the time to educate the consumer base about what type of lighting they should use and how they should use it.Giving customers the information they need from a business they can trust GoLights was born with the clear vision of educating consumers so they can buy their own lights safely and securely online. We provide our customers with the tools, information and support so they can make educated decisions about where to spend their money.Customers can call up and speak to a member of the GoLights team and receive expert advice to assist with their lighting needs.In order to make the right lighting choices, you need as much information on a product as possible, that���s why we take our time to ensure we provide as many images and details about each product as possible.Our VisionTo be the authority in lighting in the Australian marketplace. We want our customers to feel safe asking questions of any staff member at GoLights, knowing they���ll receive accurate and helpful information that will assist with their decision making when it comes to the lighting in their home.