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I've applied for my Australian visa, when will it be granted?If you���re applying (or about to apply) for an Australian visa, you want to know how long it���s going to take to be granted.This is understandable, as you���re eager to start your new life in Australia. Having such information will also allow you to get on with other crucial steps in the immigration process.This can include knowing when to put your house up for sale ��� too early and you may have to move into temporary rental accommodation if your house sells and your visa hasn���t been granted.Conversely, if you delay putting your house up for sale, you may end up with your visa being granted and not being able to move as your house hasn���t sold and your equity is tied up in the property.Other things to consider are knowing when to organise international removals ��� shipping your goods to Australia takes several weeks.Knowing when to start job hunting, arranging for your children to finish school etc.As you can see, being able to accurately predict when your visa will be granted is very important.This is where using an Australia Visa Timelines Immigration Tracker come into its own.The tracker allows you to enter key dates about your visa application and compare them in tabular format with lots of other members worldwide.You can look at who���s applied for the same visa as you, the same dates as you, from the same country, occupation etc.Armed with this information, you should be able to predict when a visa grant is likely.