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Boutique Oz

Boutique Oz is a shopping blog for Australian fashionistas. We believe that just because you live in Australia doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to the world's most fabulous on-line shopping. We are dedicated to bringing you beautiful things from on-line shops from around the world that will ship to Australia.

To Reign In Hell

Just the every day pissed-off ramblings and creative musings of a female Melbournite who's dissatisfied and disillusioned with just about everything in life.

Textile or Beads? The battle continues...

An exploration of my two great loves, knitting and jewellery making with random comments, photos and odd moments of sanity.


jewellery blog for Anna Davern

Chic Essentials

Interesting posts for Australian small business retailers in the fashion jewellery, accessories & gifts sector. In addition to news and product information there are articles on relevant technology that will be a useful resource for many small businesses. - Don

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