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Web Design Tips for Aussie Retailers

According to recent statistics compiled by, 79% of Australians use the internet on a daily basis. They’re using the internet for communication, recreation, and for online shopping. This led to $33 billion dollars in ecommerce sales in 2012, with the number expected to increase to $37.1 billion in 2013.

If you’re a business owner who has yet to create an online presence, now’s the time to tap into the market. Yet while most businesses have websites, not all of these are seeing the brisk level of sales that they could.

A well-designed retail website will not only help draw in customers, but it will encourage them to visit time and again. There are a few tips that can help you make sure your website stands out from the competition.

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Use Professional Templates If you run a small business and don’t have the time or money to hire a professional web design team, you may want to look into all-in-one web hosting solutions.

These website builders will offer you the ability to pick and choose from hundreds of templates, which you can then customise to fit your unique brand.

The best templates will be elegant and easy to navigate. At the moment, minimalism is a top trend in web design.

Don’t be afraid to try out several different designs, changing fonts, colours, or other small details every couple of weeks and analysing the results.

This will help you determine the layout that will give you the best results.


Post Great Photos

Choosing the best website builder will get you off to a great start when it comes to web design. Yet the actual content that you post is extremely important. For online retailers, this will usually include photos and descriptions of physical products. Be sure not to underestimate the importance of a stylish, flattering photo.

Because customers won’t be able to see or touch the product in person, they will be relying on photos to make their purchasing decision. Photograph as many small details as possible, using sufficient lighting. Offering a 360 degree view of the product or even a short video of its use by a model can also enhance your web design.

Integrate a Reliable Payment Gateway

Although many online retailers add a shopping cart as a last minute detail, this is actually one of the most important facets of designing a successful retail website. You can lure the customer in with your appealing design and top-notch products, but if the checkout system is too lengthy and confusing you’ll lose the sale.

There are numerous payment gateways that you can connect to your website, including credit card companies and third-party processors such as PayPal. Using ecommerce software is a good way to connect these gateways to your website with seamless integration. Allow friends to try out your shopping cart system to see how it can be improved, always striving for a one-page payment process.

By paying attention to the various design features on your website and how they work together, you can create a unique shopping experience for your online customers. This will put you in line to share in the booming ecommerce market in Australia.

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