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Top 10 best countries to visit and why

Let’s take a look at 10 of the best countries you can visit and why you’d want to invest the time money and effort to get there.

Where: Australia

Why: Food, scenery, unique wildlife, beautiful beaches

Australia is one of the most visited countries as people from across the globe flock to explore the rural countryside, spending days on the white sandy beaches looking out across the vivid blue waters. Many come to see unique wildlife that is not only indigenous to Australia, but exists nowhere else. For those looking to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the cities there are a range of activities, delicious cuisine to sample and nightlife to enjoy. It is a country that has something to please everyone.

Where: United Arab Emirates

Why: Luxury

Burj Al Arab HotelA relatively recent destination on the tourism trail, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers visitors a stay of almost unrivaled opulence. One of the most popular areas within the country is the city of Dubai, which is home to the 7 star luxury hotel Burj Al Arab. If you enjoy a having a flutter when on holiday then you might be a bit disappointed as the UAE has some pretty tight gambling laws but there’s nothing stopping you from accessing online games from the comfort of your luxury hotel room.


Where: England

Why: Heritage, culture, scenery, The Royal Family

Across the other side of the world in the UK, England has just about everything a tourist could wish for. There are beaches in the south, stunning scenery in the north and plenty of culture in between. However, this prosperous country is perhaps best known for its heritage, and the Royal Family – visiting Buckingham Palace, in London, is a must for tourists.

Where: Antarctica

Why: Unique experience

Although actually a continent rather than a country, the otherworldliness of Antarctica makes it a must see for anyone interested in traveling. It’s certainly the experience of a lifetime and not one many people get the opportunity to try. Add it to your bucket list!

Where: Brazil

Why: Nightlife, beaches, carnival

Brazilian CarnivalThe happy-go-lucky culture for which Brazil is famed may not be quite accurate, however, when it comes to parties few other nations can compete.

The carnival season is the epicentre of the fun and runs throughout February. It is a spectacle you have to witness at least once in your life.


Where: Uganda

Why: Wildlife, scenery

It’s for good reason that Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa. The country has an abundance of lush vegetation and spectacular landscapes, such as the thrilling Murchison Falls. It is also home to exciting wildlife, including lions, elephants and gorillas.

Where: Germany

Why: Heritage, culture

Both good and bad, Germany has a fascinating history. The country’s past can be explored through a multitude of cultural hotspots, including the aptly named Museum Island in Berlin, an island dedicated to museums… Who knew?

Where: Uruguay

Why: Beaches, relaxation

In Punta del Este, Uruguay has some of the most popular beaches in the whole of South America, while in the northwest of the liberal nation are the relaxing hot springs of Dayman in Salto. It’s also worth noting that Uruguay is one of the most ethical travel destinations on the planet, while its head of state, president Jose Mujica, lives on a farm and donates around 90% of his monthly salary to charities.

Where: Cuba

Why: Culture, beaches

Even within the country itself, there is not complete agreement with the way that Cuba is run; however, the dictatorial regime that rules over the nation makes it an intriguing place to visit for any world traveller. Havana is a charming city, famous for its music, food… and rum!

Where: Thailand

Why: Beaches, fun

Even in the fun loving region of Southeast Asia, few places can match Thailand when it comes to having a good time. The country has plenty of picturesque beaches, it’s cheap and it’s home to the infamous Full Moon Parties of Koh Phangan.

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