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The results are in!


The Experiment:
Measure the effectiveness of online polls, and if they add any value to a website.

The Stats:
Days poll ran: 9
Total votes: 14 (12 if you don’t count the 1 vote each Jon and I contributed)
Total unique traffic during poll: 3740
Winning answer: I find polls… “highlight how lonely my website is”
Summary: 79% say no to polls, 21% say yes

Does only 0.374% of visitors willing to vote justify taking up valuable real estate on your web-page?? Are you prepared to take the risk of “highlight how lonely my website is”?

In our case it was more of a matter of giving the poll a go, the result just being a few laughs.

But hey, maybe its just the demographic (Australian Bloggers) that let us down? ain’t that lonely is it?? Would be interested to hear if there are any poll success stories out there…


  1. Calla

    Ahh, so this is what happens over here!

    *looks around and grabs a Freddo frog*

    Well, then, you are doing a ripper job chaps, carry on 🙂

    *wanders off munching on Frreddo and wondering why she didn’t know this was here before*

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