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Sydney To The Gong Bike Ride

As you would expect, I get requests to donate to charities all the time. I prefer to keep my philanthropic and charitable contributions private and confidential, but every once in a while something strikes me as unique or different in the approach, strategy or tactic used. Today’s post is a case in point. Dr Cary Fraser, a Sydney Eastern Suburb dentist with a dental practice based in Double Bay is going to squeeze into his cycling shorts and go the full 90 Kms… on the Sydney To The Gong Bike Ride — But that’s not what caught me eye.

It’s not that it’s a great charity that does exemplary work. Take a look at their donation page below – it’s brilliant. They SHOW you EXACTLY what each level of donation can do – That’s totally Exponential. I wanted to share that with you to motivate you to make your own personal donation to Dr Cary Fraser’s account or click here ->

Sydney To The Gong Bike Ride

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