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News2.0 FAQ

What is News2.0 ?

News2.0 is an extension of – presenting the latest posts of the blogs submitted at It aims to showcase (and ultimately drive sticky traffic to) locally-produced blogs.

How does it work?

  • Australian blogger submits his/her blog at and tags it with the relevant keywords
  • News2.0 picks up the new submission (usually after a few days) and searches the site for an RSS feed. If it detects a feed then News2.0 subscribes to that feed and displays the latest blog posts for public viewing
  • News2.0 updates every 30 minutes (or so)
  • The tag clouds read the blog posts on News2.0 and guesses the keywords associated with the blog post and aggregates them to show what the buzz is around the blogosphere. The tag clouds refresh every 24 hours.
  • The search box is also another tool to locate blog posts of a particular keyword

I don’t want my feed to show on News2.0 – how do I get it removed?

  • Option 1 – login to your blog control panel/admin area and switch off the RSS feeds from your site
  • Option 2 – login to your blog control panel/admin area and select partial RSS feeds (this option would only show a limited amount of the blog post thus acting as a teaser)
  • Option 3 – send me an email requesting removal (email AT australianblogs dotcom dot au)

My feed doesn’t show on News2.0

  • Option 1 – go to and click on ‘Add Link’. Submit your blog and wait a few days for the feeds to be picked up
  • Option 2 – If you’ve already submitted your blog and it still does not appear, check that your feed link is displayed on the blog and that it is enabled
  • Option 3 – send me an email (email AT australianblogs dotcom dot au)

Who owns the content?

The blogger. We cache for performance but do not store content locally. Bloggers retain full IP/content control. We only display blogs submitted via and bloggers may opt-out at any time.


How are posts sorted? (or the timestamp on my blog posts are wrong!)

Blogs are sorted in reverse chronological order (ie. last in, first out). They are based on the server on which the blog is hosted. As the geography (and thus the local time) of such servers vary greatly, timestamps on blog posts will need to be taken with a grain of salt. They are only good for +-24 hours, however it’s the only way we have to sort posts.

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